14 Days of Free Summons!

In honour of the Lunar New Year, Gumi and Square are gifting players of Brave Exvius with two full weeks of free summons! 

Grab your free units from 2 February to 15 February of 2018!

Chasing CG Sakura

She’s finally here. On paper, she looks sublime. Check out these stats. 

Rumor has it that Gwaelin and her roomie-turned-Exvius-addict, Haruu, are plotting a pulling battle, the likes of which we’ve never yet seen. (Here’s hoping that The Editor, aka moi, doesn’t get swept away by the hype.)

Updates to follow. 

(This post is a work-in-progress, so check back soon for more info–and more scandal.) 

Rejoice, Desynthesis-Enthusiasts! (More Surprises from Patch 4.2 of FFXIV)

As if the Recipe-Unlocking of Patch 4.2 weren’t enough to make a person swoon, check THIS out, friends: The DESYNTH cap went from 980 (according to this Gamer Escape postto 1070

In my memory, it was 970, and I’ve read sources claiming various things, but whatever. It doesn’t matter, does it? Of course not!


The IMPORTANT thing is what our cap is NOW, and that’s 1070!

Thanks, Square!