Aigo Main Route!

I don’t really know what to say about this!

It’s like a recycled Takuto (LLFTX) Main Story, except Aigo’s not rude to her (aka doesn’t “tease” her).

I liked the CHARACTER of Aigo a LOT. The plot was pretty forgettable, though. (Otome plots aren’t usually THAT twisted–and they don’t need to be. But…)

The MC was passable this time around.

Reading this route, it was like… oh, got it! It felt as though I’d been editing rough drafts of the same tale for a month, and there were literally NO surprises. (Except for the fact that there was no final battle with the Final Boss? Who seemed like a creepy goth-wannabe version of Sephiroth…? With a lace mask? That apparently infected me with that wretched question mark disease…????)

I mean, I know that I’m good, but I must’ve gotten REALLY good to predict plot points AND lines I expected to materialise.

It wasn’t an unpleasant read at all–except for the fact that I wanted MORE with Ai (even just more cute dialogue. Ugh. What’ve you done to me, Voltage??!?)… and the fact that the tale was not worth more than $1.99. (At least it wasn’t as annoying as the Aigo EPI was. And it wasn’t as SHORT as the Kenzo Main Route, which literally took me like an hour. Hmm.)


Final Grade: B — NOT bad, but just over-priced for what it was. (Or perhaps I’ve just gotten too familiar with Voltage. That can happen, you know. But anyway.)