Aigonorus Epilogue REVIEW

(Original post date: 20 May 2016)

This MC is a BRAT. Seriously. Ai just wants to do something SO CUTE AND SWEET, right?


What does she do?

Acts all fuddy duddy and creates drama galore.

Her most DIABOLICAL set of lines includes something to the tune of “I love you, Ai! But I love my work just as much.”


You don’t deserve a man, MC.

Especially one as hot as him.


I know that “romance stories” (and all fiction) need a conflict, but there’s a ZILLION ways of accomplishing the SAME THING… but in a manner that makes MC even two drops LESS of a JERK.

Oh, the heart-break.

OH, and just in case you made the mistake of thinking “ah, well, the ending will MORE than make up for it, I’m sure!”

Lemme tell you what, son.


Make up for it, I mean.

Aigo’s MAIN ROUTE was bad enough (no, not BAD, really, but just, simply “not bad”)–really predictable, but at least he got all cute and clingy at the end. (I’m using “clingy” as it’s used by Voltage; is this how Japanese people think of clingy, btw? Coz in the US, clingy is “needy” and almost universally decried. In the US, I mean. Speaking as one educated in the US (mostly), I think the word they’re alluding to is “affectionate” or “really affectionate.”

Then again, the loser MC *DID* think he was taking it too far, so maybe they were using “clingy” in the same manner. (That I thought they weren’t, I mean. Not that the US owns English, but it’s the only language “we” speak, and it’s the first language of most “Americans.” (Not mine, tho, btw.)

Look, just… this was disappointing. When you “BUY” a character route, unfortunately you’re also buying that route’s MC.

And as my long-time followers, fans, and/or chums will tell you…

I have a BIG OLE PROB with a majority of the MCs in Voltage apps, especially.

(They’re not always SO annoying in Solmare… ahh, beloved Solmare! and other companies’ offerings. But that’s another tale for another trollop. Ooops, I mean “Traipse.” Too lazy to hit backspace, though. Easier to keep on blathering, eh?

FINAL GRADE: C- (and that’s QUITE generous. I think I might need to get out the Haruu’s Headcanon Hat again…)