Anything x Games = GAMIFICATION = LEARNING! (YES!!)

Turn it into a game–or make it FUN, anyway–and just WATCH how quickly you pick it up…REGARDLESS of what it is!

Struggling with an Arabic-language keyboard? I sure was!

UNTIL the moment a non-English-speaking chum sent me a Yahoo! Messenger tome–all in written Arabic.

Which I was REALLY bad at back then.

But two blabadocious days later, I was typing LIKE A BOSS. On the aforementioned Arabic Keyboard of DOOM.

I know what you’re thinking: “But SALLY, chatting with chums is FUN, and you’re Egyptian, aka BLABBY. Of COURSE you kept trying to write FASTER, coz FASTER TYPING = MORE WORDS PER SECOND.”

You’re right, you’re right, you’re SO RIGHT, Y’ALL!

(And for the many dear people who’ve been ambushed by the Bishai Blabadociousness these past few years, just remember that the number of my WORDS is but a small representation of my great LOVE for thee, o friendly friends.)

Back at the ranch–it works with ANYTHING, though, seriously!


For example, a naughty little BRAT whom I’ve known for longer than I care to recall (how long’s it been, anyway?)–

Anyway, that girl HATED history classes. (They were shoddy, of course, but whatever.)

She HATED school.

She BRISTLED against learning something–even if she KNEW it would help her.

One day, however, this hellion got swept into playing a video game about Nobunaga, and WOULDN’T YOU KNOW IT, she ended up getting a GRADUATE DEGREE in Japanese history.

And ALL because of a chintzy game from, like, 1987.