Final Fantasy Brave Exvius: An Intro

There’s quite a few things I wish I’d known before starting my very first jaunt into the whole MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) EVER…

And they shall soon appear in the Sally Gets BRAVE! Chronicles!

For now, here we are:

  1. Do NOT sell anything at ALL for at LEAST your first week.
  2. If you’re REALLY hot-to-trot about fusing units, then stick to JUST fusing multiples of the same character…if you want.
  3. The quest rewards on the first continent are usually NOT commensurate with the often-sorta-rare items. (ie white magicite, etc.)

Ok, TONS more info and screenshots and news about BE, but…we just moved PLAYED to WORDPRESS!

(After things didn’t work out on Virb… or Wix… or SQUAREspace… ahem. Anyway.)

So DJSallySALL’s uploading up (?) a STORM right now!

See you soon, my brothers-in-arms :)