Final Fantasy VII for iPad

I would bet a chocobo that this “review” will actually turn into an LTR, aka Long-Term Review, aka “an ongoing account of my observations and experiences with this thing.”

Where “this thing” = “the app in the title above,” which, in this case, is Final Fantasy VII for iPad.

(Who cares about an on-going journal when there’s sooooo many reviews already out–by people who have, in fact, already played through the game?

WELL, sir, it’s like this: I’m not playing the game for fun or for nostalgia (well, not JUST for those things, hah), but instead, am concerned with 1) what changes have been made, 2) how the changes have affected the game (in general), 3) how the “changes” are taken by those who’ve NEVER played the game (on PS or PS2, for example), 4) how the changes are taken by those who HAVE played it before (ie Moi), and 5) how specific options (ie Random Battles OFF and Max Stats ON) change the game play for those who’ve played it before.

WHY do I care about all that boring stuff? Well, it’s not boring to me, of course! I’m interested in the psychology behind a developer’s decisions–and the way intended audiences take those decisions.

AND, of course, how those decisions may be used to GAMIFY the whole “learning stuff” thing (aka SCHOOL and/or the SCHOOL OF HARD KNOCKS).

(See? Everything’s connected. But you already knew that.


DR.B (who apparently turned this alleged review into an official abandoning of the whole format altogether.)