Kenzo Yasukawa Main Route (Spoiler-Free??)

(From 17 May, originally)

This is the first Voltage main route that I almost mistook for a sub-story.

Length-wise, of course, since there were just as many misunderstandings, shenanigans, and MC wussery as in any of the 30+ Voltage apps I’ve tasted.

(Thirty times fiveish routes each, so… yeah. I’ve “lived through” lots of shameful behaviour on the part of the MC. (Though it’s the author who permitted poor MC to behave so abominably, of course. Though one might say “but that’s the romance genre for ya,” or even “hello, hast thou forgotten about ka-ka-ka-kawaaaaiiii?!?!” (Well, to the latter, I say that “kawaii is pretty kowai,” so there. But then, there’s lots of cultural stuff from around the world that undermines the 1) behaviour, 2) reputation, 3) respect, and/or 4) treatment of women. That’s another tale for another day, though.

And yes, I know how many closing parentheses are supposed to follow, but :P to them for now.)

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 1.21.38 AMLong story short, this story was SHORT.

But not as tiresome as some of the routes in this app, nor as tiresome as some of the apps in general (well, not the plots of the apps, but ALL the love interests in one app, or the main premise of a particular app).

The pacing was ok–MC didn’t plod along with no developments for weeks (like in H. Sera’s route, it felt like, and also in Shinichi’s route)–for a tale of this length.

Or how long it felt, anyway.

(To me.)


I don’t know where to go from here; this is my first spoiler-free review (or attempt), and I am having a really hard time with it!

So here’s my best version:

MC is thrown into the attempted set-up by the owner of Timeout; lookie here, it’s Kenny! After a quasi-flirtatious lob in her direction, we head into the whirlwind…

Soon after, MC’s busybody ways have caught up with her, and she finds herself wondering if the rumoured fling between Kenzo and a troubled loner student is even partially true.

Lots of drama ensues, they end up together, and that’s it.

(Ok, maybe I’ll stick to the SPOILED ROTTEN versions, instead!)