Kenzo Yasukawa Main Story REVIEW

(Don’t say I didn’t warn you.)

1. This was the FASTEST Main Route I’ve EVER READ. Like, in the whole world. Voltage or otherwise.

2. It didn’t feel rushed, though.

3. Even though this was one of the few main routes (of late) to feature a hook-up before the end.

3.5. And it becomes a mainish plot point (not as much as in Kenshi’s route/LLFTX. tho)

4. LOTS of questions remained, and it irked me, ie How far did he go with the high-schooler?  We never even find out in HIS POV, I think.

5. Speaking of which…

6. Contrary to what one might expect, Kenny’s actually pretty straight-forward; so much so that I even forgot that I read HIS POV. He basically said what he thought, aka the writers had a big deadline and forgot about it till ten minutes before it was due OR — oh, that’s the only option I could think of. Sigh.

7. BTW, lest anyone get some pervy ideas about why I was so very interested in whether Kenny got it on with the 16-year-old, it’s NOT to do with the me that’s reading it, but with the MC (which I don’t identify with since, well, I have a brain and self-respect, while the MCs frequently act like they’re high and/or have the IQ of cloth (not to diss people who are high in drugs but not intelligence).

7.5. I mean, seriously… wouldn’t you want to know what a potential suitor’s done, all told, and especially, who with? Wait, I might have to retract that. But not now, for there are more reviews to be written!

All told, Final Grade of B to B+.

(For the record, the LOWEST grade goes to H. SERA’s route, which didn’t rock. But more on THAT in a bit.)

PS- I’m pretty annoyed, now that I think about it. And NOT coz I couldn’t find a place to mention Video Games, Professor, Silkies, Kenzo’s REAL job, and, hmm… PROFESSOR!!?