Story Cubes?!

Yes, STORY cubes. 

I first encountered them many years ago, amidst an epic hunt for companies to print custom dice for one of my games. 

Obviously, I–then an impoverished full-time grad student and “full-time” adjunct, or “person who teaches the maximum one class (or two, rarely) per semester, in each of four or five or six different colleges, for $1500ish each (aka Mrs. Poverty Line)–couldn’t afford to pay a relatively-gigantic set-up fee PLUS a 500-piece minimum per design. And I had a lot of those. As in, enough for 30 different dice.

So that epic hunt was actually an epic fail. Sorta. 

COZ… Someone introduced me to the wonderful world of story cubes! 

If memory serves (which it normally does not, but whatever), that first magical box of six-sided fun and games was the blue version of Rory’s Story Cubes. 

Since then I’ve collected, hmm… Let’s leave it at “quite a few story cubes from quite a few companies.”

So what IS a story cube, then, already??

As the name would imply, it’s simply a die or set of dice with words or images instead of numbers; those images, as they usually are (upping the cutesy factor and the novelty factor) usually depict a plot element or a theme or a character to include, or an action to be taken. 

Depending on what variation of The Dices Made Me Do It! you’ve chosen to play–and how many “dices” you’ve  chosen to use, there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of possible ways to play the same exact set of images you’ve rolled. 
In fact, yours truly is at this very moment uploading dozens upon dozens of images to share with her beloved readers. 

Come on back in about two hours and you shall see a slideshow of a dice collection, the likes of which you’ve never seen! Muahaha. 


6:27 am, 13 July 16