To PARTY or NOT to Party? (Voltage PARTY, That Is…)

It’s simple; if you’re simply ROLLING in dough–or in patience–then have at it.

If you’re impatient, impassioned, and/or IN THE MOOD TO FINISH THE FLAMING STORY, ALREADY… then seriously, do yourself a favour and STAY AWAY.

Unless you don’t mind waiting an entire month to finish a story (for free), OR if you don’t mind shelling out $30 to $100 — in real world currency, btw — to finish 10, 13, or 15 “Chapters,” each of which is broken into ten segments. Requiring ten tickets.

You DO get five free tickets per day, but — like all good soap operas — it’s not unheard of to get SO OBSESSED with finding out what happened next (even though it’s SO SO PREDICTABLE)…

… that you cave in and enter your Google or App Store password and… boom! Your coffee budget for the month ends up in the same place that the coffee would’ve.

Which tastes sweeter, then? The sacrificed coffee (or ramen) or the tale?

I can’t tell you, of course.

NOT because it’s your palate and not mine, BUT because… I haven’t tasted coffee in over a year.

(I still love ya, Voltage! And why shouldn’t I, when the choice was mine, all mine?)