Yuta Kajima Season 2 (MFWP) REVIEW

(Originally posted 20 May, 2016)

I was surprised at Yuta’s Season 2, and everything about him, really. In My Forged Wedding PARTY, that is.

See, I’d fallen in HATE with Yuta’s Paid Main Route (in the Real App. I call them “Real” and PARTY, btw. Not coz I think one’s fake, but because I only heard of them recently. Anywhoooo.)

Maybe I hated the Fake Yuta (aka Paid Yuta–which sounds pretty bad, actually, though it’s not too far off the mark, now that I think on it. Not that I love that Yuta–or any 2D babe–to such an extent. Well, I kinda do, but not like THAT. Um, anyway.)

(Where was I? Oh, yeah.)

The Fake Yuta left a bad taste in my mouth because he was the ONLY one of that particular harem* that I got a Good (Normal?) Ending for. (Without a walkthrough, I mean.)

Also, I’ve never really been fond of the “boyish, bouncy, and blonde” characters in ANY Voltage app–originally coz they’re WAY younger than I am (which, to me, often means “much less mature than am I”), but, of late, because I’ve (most unfortunately) discovered the “Host Hair” phenomenon.

(To be frank, I’ve ALWAYS had a problem with characters who are drawn in such a manner that no one in the history of the world would ever even THINK they were Japanese.

Like, they would literally find the character’s appearance Mexican or half-Egyptian before Japanese. And not that I have an “Asian fetish” (in the scholarly/pop culture sense of the word–or any sense, for that matter), but if he’s acting the way Japanese guys tend to act, and he was born to Japanese parents (aka ethnically Japanese)… it’s like… you know?

Ren, ok. But isn’t Prince Glenn supposed to be “Orensian” ?

I digress, however. (Keep watch for a tirade about this and other topics…)


Oh, hello there! Welcome to the Review of Yuta, Season 2!

1. I love how Yuta doesn’t muck about with mental games. He’s direct about his emotions, his physical whatnotness, and everything else.

1.5 (Ok, in Season 1, there was some drama with his cousin/step-sister, and he was NOT direct, causing MC to languish in suicidal misery for a wee bit.)

2. The PLOT is this: Yuta and MC are now a celeb couple (of sorts) on a dolty “feed your beloved” reality show thing. MC suddenly gets a big break when Lily (my true love) has to bail on some set design thing. MC gets the shock of her life to learn that she’ll be working with Yuta’s EX-PARTNER! Like, partner in that comedy duo (whose spelling I dare not attempt to recreate from memory, since I don’t read or write Japanese, and… well, if you know anything about Yuta, you’ll know why I’m afraid to try spelling it. Hah. Anyway.)

2.3. More PLOT: We find out what led to the breakup of…Yuta and Co. (Though LOTS of little clues and sentences made me wonder if they were just business partners…?).  MC meddles, some jealousy materialises, and then the Main Drama appears–her family store is in trouble!

3. Amongst the three of us contributing to this here posting, ALL THREE of us (Sarashii, Haruu, and Leader (not Atsumu, hah) claim to have seen at least two plot points coming and/or the ending coming.

4. Editor/Leader actually said “I literally predicted this entire tale from JUST the promotional material released before the route went live. LITERALLY.” (She’s been a writer for at least 15 years, though.)

5. Uh, Leader? If you predicted it, why did you spend $$$ to finish the route in three days?

“Hello, the Reform/Remodel Campaign??!”

Ok, back on track.

Or not, actually, we’re pretty much done, eh?

That’s a big 10-4.

BOTTOM LINE: MC wasn’t too spineless and annoying this time around (thank God), Yuta wasn’t playing all sorts of wuss mental games coz he’s “too manly to say them three little words” (like 60% of the Voltage Harem seem to be).

It was NOT “heart-rending,” and I wasn’t at the edge of my seat (like in the poorly-executed Akito’s Season 1 Main Route in this PARTY version).

It was simply a continuation of the tale of two peeps whose love was at the same level. (Unlike Saeki or Yamato, whose true feelings I’m constantly surprised at, but that’s another tale for another day.)


_ _ _

*I fully realise that HAREM actually means “woman” in Arabic, btw.