Honeys, We’re HOME! (Finally?)

After traipsing through the wilderness of cyberspace resting-places, our fair magazine–dedicated to the technology, tools, and technological tools of the trade (the “gamification of EVERYTHING” trade, that is)–hath FINALLY (please, God!) found our LAIR (forever home) in WORDPRESS, which is, indeed, a virtual oasis after the beastly, erm, beastliness that we’ve not managed to escape until, well, NOW.

(So a big THANK YOU to GOD, Who ROCKS! :) :) :)

As the gentle reader hath discovered during the journey to this very posting, this magazine is meant to inform and enrich brothers and sisters from a variety of demographics–both about the things each is looking for, and about the things that they may not have realised they were looking for. (ie a teacher might convert to the game-developing side, or whatever.)

Who’s our target audience, then? Let’s see:


Game-developers, check.

Game-designers, check.

Educators, check. (College, K-12, and everything else.)

Parents, check.

Home-school-curious, check.

Fellow gamers, CHECK.

Everyone else… CHECK!

Put another way, every single thing that our hellion of a hawkish editor hath welcomed into our pages should be WAY helpful for the aforementioned, and PRETTY helpful for all the rest… but most of all, fun for EVERYONE…

Coz, like… (sorry in advance)

All for FUN and FUN FOR ALL!

(Please, no. Someone confiscate this keyboard on the double. Sigh.)