Assembly by Pixite

What a fabulous app this is!

It takes a notion that would seem completely natural and intuitive–assembling images from pre-shaped, er, shapes–and executes it well. Very well, in fact.

If you can’t picture it in your head, imagine that it’s a FONT with squares and lettuce leaves and robot parts, except that it’s easier to move the “letters” (shapes) than it would be to type out ONE letter, place it, and then type out another letter, etc. (But maybe my desktops–and usual-mouse-hand–are just feeling their age.)

The UI is rather sleek (there are a few modifications that would make it slightly easier* to use–for me, anyway), the shapes are great, the colouring and visual effects (shading, etc.) are fantastic.

But what really sets my eyes a’sparkling is the fact that it WORKS! In over 100 sessions, it’s never crashed or frozen (or balked, even) once.

“Workingness-without-snags” is a BIG factor in my book.

Another thing that ROCKS is their tutorial system; Pixite thoughtfully gives you a dozen assignments to complete. (AND the ability to re-set it, so you can try again!)

Here’s what the BLANK TUTORIALS look like:



And here’s what my first go-round looked like. (Stop laughing.)

FULL ON… DOUBLE RAINBOW! All the way across the SKY!!! (Or 3/4 of the sky, anyway. Yay!)


Ok, you can laugh. I’d forgotten how far I’ve come in the land of Assembly-ness!


Check out my awesome robot!

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Some final factoids:


+ The app DID come with more than enough shapes for a non-professional user (and probably enough for them, too), but one has the option to purchase separate expansion packs (robot, holiday, jungle, etc.) for like $1 each, or all of them for a very reasonable price (either $3.99 or $5.99 at the time).

+ This “buying all the packs at once” thing isn’t just for currently-AVAILABLE packs, but also all of Pixite’s FUTURE packs for Assembly. How cool is that?!

(Very cool, I’d say; when a company is THOUGHTFUL about its product–making it ad-free, less-likely to crash, paying once for all and all for once (?!), AND providing a tutorial, aka setting users up for SUCCESS, yo, I mean–how cool is THAT?!?!)

(Can you tell that I’m an educator during the day? Hah. :)

Anyway, SOLID app, USEFUL app, and AWESOME company!

In fact…