Final Fantasy Brave Exvius REVIEW, PART I

It had to happen… Covering this app on APPSESSIVE, I mean.

Even though it’s a GAME more than it is an APP. (Dual methods of emphasis deliberate, btw.)

That is, take away the APP-ness and it’s still a game, but take away the GAMEness, and it’s…

Wait, I did that wrong. Whatever.

In the interest of time (mine typing, NOT your reading, btw. *cackle of mad scientry*), let’s do this:


A) Very few crashes in almost three weeks of usage (on both iPad iOs9 and Android)

B) VERY generous with their non-tangibles, ie prizes for doing what you’d do anyway (if interested in the game, that is)

C) They SET PLAYERS UP FOR SUCCESS, which delights the educational bits of my heart, like, A LOT. (Although my entire heart is educational–not just in the classroom, and NOT just “Sally-as-teacher,” either. God’s a GREAT Teacher, which is no surprise, since He IS, in fact, GREAT. Yay! <3 )

One success-set-up is their checklist of daily tasks

D) They have SEVERAL forms of in-game currency, including ENERGY (NRG, get it?), Collusseum Points, LAPIS ($$$), EXP, Rank EXP, and all sorts of magic/awakening levels. This is both COOL and NOT-THAT-ROCKING, depending on which side you’re standing (see below). But actually, it’s more like NEUTRAL, just like lots of things on earth are.

In fact, hold the phone, let’s get some screenshots up in here.


*JEOPARDY! Theme appears out of nowhere at all*