Shift by Pixite REVIEW

When people ask me which apps I most-frequently use, this is on the shortest list I can muster. (There’s no such thing as a truly *short* list in The Land of Sall.)

What does this app do, then?

Simple: it lets you make your own filters.

You can tweak one of theirs (or use as-is–they’re all fabulous, btw) and save the changes.


You can start from scratch and CREATE YOUR OWN FILTERS!

If you’re a power user of photographic goodness.

Which I am, of course. (And even if the Goodness of Photographicness was not mine, I would STILL persist in trying to make my own, coz that’s what The Sally Bishai Method is all about, yo.)

There’s naught more to say about this outstanding app, unfortunately, for this app is from PIXITE, who apparently can’t release a bad app. (They rule the world!)

“But Sally, isn’t there even ONE thing you’d change about it? You always like to change EVERYTHING!”

That I do, dear reader. Which makes me annoying to hang out with, but invaluable to hang out with when one is developing or tweaking or creating something, so there.

Speaking of which, the ONE thing I’d change is that the Ring of Notifyingness would be a bit more assertive about telling me which filter I’m currently viewing.

(And perhaps the maize-ish-coloured Star of Favouritingness could be either bigger (a wee bit, though) OR in a colour that stood out more.

But this isn’t a diss, because I’m basically saying that the Pixite Wizards have such good taste that their chosen colours go together too well to notice easily. Well, for people with spatial awareness issues (aka “300MPH brain”), anyway.)


Highly recommended, and–oh, I know!