The Game Crafter REVIEW

If you know anything about The Sally Bishai Method, then you know that there’s no “good” or “bad,” there’s only “well-made” and “poorly-made,” and everything between the two.

(Notably, “GREAT idea, BRILLIANTLY executed” vs. “great idea, great execution, but still a lil’ bit buggy” vs. “cool idea, but the development team is over-estimating the brains and/or underestimating the restraint (aka powers of destruction) of the intended users.” And, like, “were the developers on CRACK while this product was being developed??!”

And lest we forget, there’s also “does what it says it will” vs. “doesn’t do what it says it will,” and, of course, “useful” vs. “not useful.”

Oh, and “it just works” vs. “it just DOESN’T WORK?!?!?!”

OH! And one of my personal faves, “great while it lasted,” vs. “called it!”)

That said, I try to make my reviews (and articles, and games, and everything else with my fingerprints on it) as HELPFUL to developers as it is to users, and, of course, as EDUCATIONAL to everyone under the sun (except for the One Who made the sun, obviously, Who can’t be taught anything, coz He ROCKS!), including MOI.

In other words, I focus on what ROCKS (if anything…which it sometimes doesn’t, like, at ALL), and the AUDIENCES for which it would rock the MOST.

For example, instead of pitting SILK and PERLIN DRAW against one another, I provide my beloved friends (aka readers who ROCK) with:

  1. unbiased FACTS,
  2. empirical MEASUREMENTS (if applicable),
  3. “anecdotes of a TOTAL NOOB” (not always me),
  4. highlights of ROCKIN stuff,
  5. potential snags that bar ANY user’s progress (ie bugs)
  6. opportunities for streamliningness (for developers to address if they want, OR for other developers of ANYTHING to implement in their own creation (even if completely unrelated to the product/app being reviewed), and–wait, that’s enough for the moment.

The point is, what *I* don’t like about something should NEVER be considered a “flaw” or bad thing. I say this because I’ve read LOTS of reviews (of late, mostly) where a mere AESTHETIC preference became the author’s rationale for FLUNKING a particular app or game or gadget.

But if I hate and DESPISE fish, then is there a point in my posting a negative review of a seafood (or sushi/sashimi) restaurant? Of course not. (That doesn’t stop some, but as we say in Arabic, Maleesh Da3wa, so, like, yeah.


(Note that I didn’t highlight that “review starts here” thing at all. *more cackling* ? Nah, that was a one-time thing. Back to tragic tragedy. *woe*)

The Game Crafter is — Oooh! Screenshots!

Hold on while I make a gallery thing here.