Best Photographic Surgery App

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Congrats to ADOBE FIX for being PLAYED Mag’s Best Photographic Surgery App for Spring of 2016!

Well, most STREAMLINED, anyway. Or, like, automated.

Coz while I’m a big believer in smoothing everything out–even Urban Decay’s 24/7 eyeliner in Perversion (the best and blackest shade) will smudge unbecomingly (and unwantedly) during a shoot.

Fixing such cosmetic snags is fine, because no one actually believes or claims that half the people on earth REALLY have rings of sooty blackness encircling their eyes, so you could even add eyeliner or (“concealer”) via Photoshop and not be considered–well, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Actually, let’s just skip the philosophical debate for today and say that ADOBE FIX wins the TOP prize for “photographic surgery,” aka “changing your actual features, ethnicity, and/or weight via software.”

It not only makes it EASIER to do so (than any other app we’ve reviewed until now, including the otherwise-excellent Pixelmator, FaceTune, and scads of others I can’t currently think of), but gives better RESULTS in doing so.

In fact, let’s just let the images speak for themselves:

NOTE: This lovely model’s photo is the tutorial shot from the FACETUNE app, oddly enough; I prefer to mix them up on purpose AND include retouched snapshots, as well, in order to demonstrate that the app doesn’t just work on certain sorts of models, since they were, ostensibly, chosen and photographed in optimal lighting and in positions that work best with that app. Of course, the latter consideration is a bigger deal in apps that use face detection, such as Morfo (ADORE!) and some others.


Then again, Adobe Fix DOES use face detection… which did NOT detect a 3/4-turned model when I tried a favourite shot of mine yesterday. Which is why I used these optimal shots to demonstrate the whole thing.

Keep watch for a head-to-head SHOWDOWN of my TOP FIVE IMAGE-EDITING APPS, and another with my top TEXT-SETTING APPS!