Level Up Your Espers!

After you’ve gotten your esper to Level 30 (congrats!), just visit the original place where you fought them, and you get to fight them again. 

My second battle with Golem was easier than the original, but Ifrit’s trouncing of my party (during our second go-round) left us in a wipe-out that was so embarrassing and ridiculous that I’m ashamed to describe what happened. 

(Oh, fine. Fina and Chichi carried the round…succumbing JUST as Ifrit’s red HP line was so low that one couldn’t even see it. Truly ridiculous. Worse yet, I went in with ONE BLIZZARD, completely forgetting to suit up, since I wanted to be done with Ifrit and get back to farming demon hearts. That’s what I get for underestimating him after the laughable Golem Go-Round. 

Then again, I can’t get past that throughly ABHORRENT one (of the same name). Dump Shiva? Check. Barfiraga? Check. I did everything correctly…but maybe I chose the worst possible party? Maybe. Anyway. 

My last Blizzard Blade should be done by now, and Ifrit is begging to be walloped quite roundly. 

So… Here’s hoping that I don’t have another Tale of Trouncing to share when next we meet…!

Gwaelin the BRAVE