Assembly’s TEXT Update Totally ROCKS!!

As everyone knows, I’m always more than a little bit apprehensive about updating my software; despite this terror, however, I took a leap of faith and did just that (not two seconds after receiving a Pixite notification informing me that my beloved ASSEMBLY had gotten a new feature: TEXT!).

After fifteen minutes of intensive testing, I am happy and quite relieved to say that all is well in my APPSESSIVE little world of fonts and pixels, for the update works brilliantly, with nary a crash or data loss (thanks be to God!)!

Here’s part of my experiment, aka Version #367 of the Infamous PLAYED Mag Logo:

And, like…

A few notes about the text function:

1. Most of the fonts are basic ones (aka no Bleeding Cowboys, tragically enough), but a few have several options available (bold, condensed, italics, etc.).

2. Unlike the way Assembly shapes can be, well, SHAPED (scaled or transformed) orthogonally (in the statistical sense), the letters can not be made taller/shorter or thinner/wider. For those who wish to mess with the appearance of a font, this may be seen as a negative, but for those who are concerned with the preservation of an “unbroken” font (in the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” sense), this would be a positive. 

2.5. Spacing and kerning may be changed in the Edit Text ribbon, but they’re pretty unobtrusive (aka elegant and non-clunky enough that you might miss them… even though they’re literally right there! (Like God’s right there 24/7 but sometimes we forget that! :'( 

3. As far as I can tell with so little testing, the shadow preferences for the block of text you’ve just set do NOT get saved. So if you have lots of words or letters to place individually, you’ll need to do that from scratch for each one.  

4. This is a personal preference thing (which may be due to the larger screen of my iPad Pro 12.9), but the control ribbon at the bottom seems slimmer than ever, and is difficult (for me) to see. And control without a stylus. (I have NBA Hands, though.)

In sum, almost everything I love about the shape-wrangling app (i.e. shadows, outlines)–and how it wrangles each of those elements–hath translated quite swimmingly to the whole letter-wrangling thing, so yay for Pixite!!