Creation Line Deck Boxes

I’ve been designing card-based games for over a decade now, but only stumbled upon my trio of life-saving and very-short-run printers a few years ago.


As much as I love my Printer Studio and my Game Crafter and my Make Playing, however, none of the three have packaging solutions that fit my product. (Reviews of all three coming soon, btw.)

This is partially due to the fact that my games tend to be made up of several hundred cards (lots of elements + lots of choices), since I’ve designed them 1) with near-infinite replayability, and 2) for use within the college classrooms where I teach various communication courses.

Lugging the games from office to classroom has been a bit of a chore, of late.

But NOT ANYMORE, for I’ve stumbled up0n the lovely (and inexplicably-coloured) Creation Line of Deck Boxes from Dex Protection!

Here are some photos to tide you over until I get to post the rest of the review. (They had to be aired out in our formal dining room, as the “Saffiano leather” exteriors brought quite an aroma (of “chemicals and or plastic rubber whatnot”) with them.)