Little Alchemy REVIEW

Dear Developers of Little Alchemy,

Words cannot express how thoroughly vexed am I at your wondrous and maddening and lovely app! 

Which prompted me to abandon my latest book (which is 98% finished, as of last night), in favour of trying to conquer Little Alchemy. 

For four hours. 

Even though I had finally vanquished my last Leviathan of Distractibilityness and gotten to a REALLY good place in the writing. 

 This doesn’t happen, DoLA! 

(Hmph, I had settled in to pen a good, long, diatribe, but it’s just occurred to me that I could, in fact, be grappling with Little Alchemy, instead. Right, then… Thanks for creating this thoroughly-brilliant app, and I basically adore you TONS!)




I promise to post a proper review, with screenshots, in the near future. 

(I hope…)