Most-Played #1: The Black Mages

Could it be that this is the most-perfect record to drop in the EVER?

(No, that wasn’t a typo or some newfangled teenager slang, coz YES, it very well COULD be! 

All that stuff I just said a second ago. 

The eponymous first record put out by THE BLACK MAGES, I mean. 

Ugh, I’m just confusing myself. (Which can happen when one encounters a record of such PERFECT PERFECTION. Which this one IS. Uh oh.)
Look, there’s no hope for this situation except a full-on REVIEW of DOOM, which is where DJ SallySALL verbosely verbalizes all the swirling thoughts and emotions brought to mind by this OUTSTANDING record. 

And FOR the record, the word “outstanding” is only applied to those games or tracks or artists or apps or whatevers…that get TEN stars out of five. Here at PLAYED Mag, anyway. 

Ok, time to write a proper review. Back in a flash!