MOST-PLAYED #2: Voices from the Lifestream

If there’s one thing better than awesome music, it’s awesome music that you can download for free

Legally, even. 

Some of the tracks are… Well, not my cup of tea, to put it one way.

But some of them are SO MUCH my cuppa that I’d buy a ten-gallon thermos decanting cooler thing to store’em! 

(Or MAYBE I can just get an IV drip of Lifestream up in here and take these awesome tracks with me at all times. Some of them, anyway. Including the blood-heating and excellent:

  • Adrenalyne Kyck 
  • Nomura Limit
  • Too Much Fighting
  • Motor Crazycycle

Or the mellow and/or passionate:

  • Deliverance of the Heart
  • Every Story Begins With a Name
  • D–n Those Turks

And, lest we forget Jovette Rivera’s OUTSTANDING, life-breathing-into-an-already-AWESOME-track, The Crossroads (Cid’s Theme), likely my favourite track on the record. 

Stay tuned for a detailed review of why I love the aforementioned tracks SO FLAMING A LOT.