Best place to farm fine flour?? FFBE

Sugar can be found here, as well.

So where, then?

Dwarves’ Forge, by FAR. The dungeon.

(In Global, anyway.)

I’ve gone on five-minute “speed runs” (aka pretending to run to the bathroom and actually sneaking in a quick round, muahaha) and picked up 1500+ in that time. (Update, right after posting this, I can’t even pick up 50 per visit. Sigh.)

Of course, in such a short session, one may have to forgo a few draw points, but since they’re mostly various ores and not crystals, and since it’s Crystal weekend anyway, I’m willing to make that trade.

This weekend, anyway.

Usually, I’m all about the crystals.

But for the next week and change, I’m all about the cakes.

Moon cakes.

Final Fantasy moon cakes, anyway.

(Denizens of my current location are far too serious about “moon pies” to allow me to let that statement go unclarified, *cough sputter wheeze*

Ok, time for another “bathroom break.”