There IS a Friend Limit

On Brave Exvius, that is. 

It’s 130, as of now. 
For those of you who don’t know what we’re talking about, there is something called a friend list. I’m sure it’s not impossible to play and slay without these friends, but they sure can help out in a pinch. 
For example, if you are in a territory with a party-wide Attack stat that’s just not going to cut it, so to speak (or literally as well, now that I think on it), an extra Chizuru or Cloud (of Darkness, not Strife, though I’m waiting ohhhh-so-impatiently for that particular Sephi-Clone) certainly can’t hurt anything. (Except your enemies, that is. Uh oh, Hour of Puns already seems to’ve begun. Sigh.)
For example again, each friend can send you a daily gift once per day. And you can do the same. 

Since it doesn’t cost you anything to send a gift (there is, most thankfully, a Send All button), and since you can reap two daily rewards for sending five gifts that day (both the Friend Send award and the Daily Bonus Completion reward, which requires the former one), it’s more “costly” to NOT send any awards. 
Further, this gifting thing is 0ne of only two manners of harvesting Friend Points, 200 of which equal a common summon (though I get a blue 3 star summon every 10-15 draws). 

Some Brave Warriors take this gifting thing so seriously that they de-friend anyone who’s inactive for 24 hours, or who doesn’t send daily gifts. 

I smell a debate brewing… (Or perhaps that’s just the Gevalia telling someone to go turn the machine off. Ahem.)