FFBE Review of Update to Version 2! (Final Fantasy Brave Exvius)

The update was a

  • Zoledaad was added.
  • World map instead of navigating through buttons.

  • New abilities/magic levels bug FIXED (now you can see what level unlocks it).
  • More sorting abilities; sorting by rarity will show, for example, 4 of 6 stars, instead of current status/just 4 stars.

  • Star Quartz for every summon from the CURRENT banner (Olive, Shera, Shine).
  • Craft and Vortex were moved, among other geo-changes.

  • We can now Batch Exchange our Arena Medals.

My MOSTHATED Change was the following flipping in the Vortex:

They began doing so in some of the recent events.

This cost me some NRG, coz every so often, my muscle memory would kick in (like before I’d woken up fully, or half-fully, even) and I’d end up in the opposite of my intended level.

My Most-LOVED Change: the max POT upgrades are now shown when you enhance; thus far, Elza and Olive are showing 16 for SPR ceiling.

See photo gallery for more shots of this.
More to come (I have much more research to do. Hah. ;)