I’m basically speechless right now.

Either Gumi REALLY got generous on post-update gacha pulls, or Jesus intervened in today’s game-time.

Not RNGsus, but the actual Lord.

Because I was about to go do something productive, when that last 5041 or whatever Lapis kept staring at me.

I really really Really wanted to try for Noctis in that alleged Rare Summon thing, which ALWAYS gets me, like, 4* Bartz or ALMA the HELLION.



After like 5 or 6 very respectable pulls a few hours ago, I got…



The first is currently at 88 or something.

Here they are together, just in case anyone thinks I’m either on crack or making it up. (Hmph. So untrusting…)

Lovely, eh?

(And if you’re wondering why this magazine hibernated for several months, the Failed Lightning Saga had 50% to do with that. (The other half was Hurricane Bratty, I mean, Matty, which was more annoying than beastly. Though we did lose power for a week and lost trees and the ground turned into a swamp and the gopher family relocated.)

Special Thanks to GUMI, who finally had pity on me, and GOD, Who may Be against the squandering of my rent money…but Who obviously understands the pain of having to stop teaching until the Fall semester).


Gwaelin *and* SB (yay for collabz!)