Type-0 Banner, Part II: Honest Review FFBE 

Nine is fine. MORE than fine. 

Mine hits four times per attack (Twin Lance in the house), and with pot upgrades and 6 stars, his damage-dealing rivals a mediocre Lightning’s. 

He seems just as easy to get as the five-star units from Type-0’s second banner; I got seven of him, seven of Cinque (French for ‘five,’ btw), and either 6 or 8 of Eight. (Out of like 120-140 of the 10+1 pulls.)

I’d originally intended to go until I got Queen, but when I saw how much potential my beautiful Nine had… I forgot ab0ut that other one. 


This seems to be a much better event than people are giving it credit for. Then again, one of my sometimes-housemates was addicted to Voltage for a couple of years, so I’m no stranger to frequent (and frequently-expensive) events. 

Alas, I seem to have caught her addiction (only not to “maidens’ games,” but this MMOJRPG). 

Anyway, photos and screenshots soon. 

Oh, and stay tuned for our new YouTube channel!