What App-Makers Need to Understand

Yes, to be sure, there is a large segment of Internet using population who keeps griping about having to pay $.99 for an app. 

These whining people obviously don’t understand how much time and effort goes into developing any form of digital whatever. (Especially since an ever-increasing number of digital whatevers, aka technological shenanigans, have server and hosting and theme costs (oh, my!). 

Here’s my current (well, latest) 

TOP 5 List of Stuff That I WISH App-Makers Would Consider For Even, Like, Two SECONDS. 

Does not require The Internet to work

Does not force a mandatory update on you

Is not advertisement-ridden (especially if we paid to “remove adverts, ahem) 

Doesn’t ask you for a five star rating the first time you open the app

Doesn’t try to bribe you into reviewing them (with unlockable expansion packs)

Doesn’t list contact information or even put a contact form when they have no intention of getting back to you for fixing the problem

(4 and 5 were practically the same. Hmph.)

Enough for now, eh?