You might THINK Mysidia is Meek… FFBE

Mysidia is not meek.

Trying to multi-task–leveling up my new Marie (plus two Orlandeaus that dropped out of the sky) while exploring the newest content (and the newest part of the continent)–I quickly found out that the area bosses could NOT be had by my team, which ALSO included a 922 Friend Orlandeau.

Be advised that these area bosses include a gross white cousin of Wandering One (this one comes complete with two underlings who top him in damage AND in hardness-of-killing), and six Mermen (who look more like 8-month-old pre-birth kiddies who were unfortunate enough to be “entrusted to” Banned Parenthood. Sorry, but it’s the truth.).

More to come once I go back in with my black mages and show them BOSSES who’s *really* boss.