I know the recipe for Gacha’s Secret Sauce. FFBE 

I (well, we) figured out at least two of the gacha algorithms in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.

I need to do more testing before I share tips, but during over 500 pulls yesterday (in the office, so it was very professional and totally ok to get so much lapis), the following happened:

NOTE: The slideshow below does NOT show how many rainbows we got; this is literally under half of the ones we got in 24 hours, with the exception of the first two Orlandeaux. And NO, we are not trying to show off! (Sally forced me to write that last line, but I, Gwaelin, have no problem with showing off my battle scars that cost me over $1,000 and my sanity. And my editor’s sanity (Sally just harrumphed.)


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The long and short of it:

  1. CONDITIONS had to be met

We got the MOST rainbows (and banner units) at a particular time. Since our testing only used three accounts, this COULD have been coincidence.

Tied for “most rainbows” was also a particular SEQUENCE of activities.

We are NOT sure if this is true at ALL, or just where lapis is involved, or even if PURCHASED lapis is involved. Only ONE of the three accounts was F2P, and that account had, in fact, purchased Olive’s Special and Orlandeau’s Special, and the lapis to cover them both, so not sure if that even counts as F2P anymore.

2. Stats don’t lie. Except when they do. Which is all the time. So don’t be fooled.

While it’s a given that pulling 500+ units is going to involve purchased lapis, it’s ALSO a given that for every RAINBOW there’s a disproportionate amount of BLUES.

In other words, JUST because we pulled lots of rainbows–and no less than THREE sets of duplicates (which is, like, statistically-improbable–I mean, four sets of triplets in under 12 hours? That’s some serious algorithm leakage OR JC innaHAUS. (Sally forced me to type that. Sigh.)

If you don’t believe us, look at all the OTHER stuff that surfaced during this Pulling Pool For the Ages:




Anyway, I have to do some more testing, and calculations, and, well, more later, ok?


Gwaelin, who is changing her name to GWHALEin (upgraded from GWAILIN), after pulling a total of four Orlandeaux (it’s OrlanDOOOH, like the Florida town, by the by.

EAU is French for water, and is said like a robust Canadian OH!)