Magical Ariana (FFBE)

SOOOOOO MANY PEOPLE are hating on the Dangerous Ariana character, but guess what?

Other than the fact that she’s a FREE 6* Unit, there are lots of things you may not know about how POWERFUL she is!

[Editor’s Note: She WAS free to all players WHO CLEARED the first (or perhaps second) level in the ORIGINAL Dangerous Woman Event.

We do NOT know if she will be available again in this second leg of her Dangerous Tour!

Just in case you began playing since then and thought someone was ripping you off! Ok, back to your regularly-scheduled programming, then!]

IF you’re a FREE-To-Play (F2P) Player, you MAY have the problem of “I don’t have a good black mage!”

For example, The (Otherwise-)Fearsome Editor’s account (F2P) has not gotten ANY Exdeaths (too many Shantottos, though), though she did get an Arc.

Arc’s MAG (magic stat) can’t get very high, even with every TMR under the sun. His only HUGE advantage is NATIVE DUALCAST, but I am not even sure it would be as strong as a higher MAG casting just ONCE. (Scientific testing to follow, I’m sure.)

My trio of Exdeaths are all between 550 and 640ish in MAG (when dolled up and kitted out, and depending on Esper).

Exdeath rules, because he has both Native Dualcast (Black Magic only, though) AND Native METEOR, which is one of the three strongest magic attacks as of now (April 2017).

But look at Ariana’s stats with most of the same set-up (except where she has some Ariana-specific wardrobe going on).


Actually, we should look at her with the identical set-up.

(Not now, though.)

NOT that it matters, because Dualcast and all, but if you need a chainer, perhaps you should say HELLO to Dangerous Ariana.


(Just in case you’re wondering, Arc, Hope, and CoD can also equip Meteor, Ultima, and any other Level 8 Black Magic we get.)