Easter Eggs @ FFBE: INSTRUCTIONS and PRO-TIPS, v.1 

Yummy? YES!!!


  1. Go to the EGG SEEKERS on the FRONT PAGE of FFBE.
  2. Tap on the thing that looks like BEGINNERS LEVEL; it costs 0 NRG btw.
  3. Choose your party, and hit DEPART. (No need to choose companion now.)
  4. Witness some DRAMA with Lasswell’s Type A Personality.
  5. After cutscenes, talk to people. You can’t buy anything just yet, though, so don’t freak out.
  6. After leaving, you can go fight battles. Snow Plain Beast in Mysidia is great.
  7. Once you’ve stacked up tons of metal eggs on the World Map, go to SUMMON.
  8. You can pull for units, what we want NOW is the Egg Seekers EGG SUMMON.
  9. Just like Ifrit Raid, you pull a different gacha machine altogether, which is what happened in #8.
  11. You can get Gil Snappers, Enhancers like Limit Burst Pots, Gigantuars, and KING GIGANTUARS, which look like cauliflower!
  12. You also get RED EGGS, BLUE EGGS, RAINBOW EGGS, and megacites, as well.
  13. Once you have like 50 – 200ish (each) of the various eggs, but AT LEAST 10 of the RAINBOW EGGS, head back to TOWN.
  14. Get to town by following #1 above, by the by.
  15. NOW you can buy the innkeeper’s recipes.
  16. Don’t waste Rainbows on the Recipes from XON just yet, because, and listen well, friends:
  17. YOU ONLY HAVE ONE CRYSTAL EGG OF MIND, and one of the other one. As of this moment, you can ONLY have those two, so DO NOT RUSH INTO CRAFTING STUFF! For SERIOUS, yo, remember how the Enix video said that there’s WEEK TWO UPDATES? Well, something BETTER might come along! And you don’t REALLY need the Black Bandana to farm this event, so be prudent while shopping!
  18. To CRAFT stuff, go to CRAFT > > > ACCESSORY. (For the first wave of crafting.)

That’s it, happy farming to one and all!