1. The Earth Shrine does NOT drop m/any eggs. (I’ve gotten zero in 3 runs and I’m not wasting more NRG checking.
  2. I am NOT buying the expensive recipes (Second Knife, Black Bandana, etc.) until I’m ready to MAKE THEM, because they cost RAINBOW EGGS, which are less-plentiful as of now (2pm EST).
  3. Snow Beast Plains in Mysidia seems to be top dog in ACTUAL drop rates (3900+ in our 53 testing runs), costing just 6 NRG.
  4. NOTE: GAMEPEDIA’s Egg Seekers page has some listings that seem to have “more eggs per NRG,” but if you factor in real-world time, you might take 5-10 minutes IRL to clear a dungeon (stealing takes time, and even ten seconds here and there will add up) whereas a 3-battle run (ie snow beast) is literally 6NRG, and 60 seconds for 3900 eggs. I’m not getting any credit or kickbacks for forcing you to follow this advice, and only YOU know what your schedule is like, but why waste time, you know? Our lives are sooooo short, in the grand scheme of things.)
  5. Confused by the “how to play this thing??!” question? CLICK HERE for a short, to-the-point INSTRUCTION SHEET.
  6. Just in case you got lost looking for “CRAFTING,” it’s actually CRAFT ACCESSORY. One of the YouTubers had said (last week) that these crafted eggs were ITEMS, but RADIANT and MAGIC EGGS are actually ACCESSORIES.