What IS a “First Look” Video, Even? (GUEST EDITORIAL)

By Haruu S.

Let’s get one thing straight: I. LOVE. GAMES.

Otome PARTY game is my favorite type, even if lots of people think it’s less game and more social event. You needed to know that, though.

I also LOVE Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, Record Keepers, and a few other non-console, open-ended games of taht series, unlike the RPG Editor and the Chief Editor of this publication.

The others were just watching some “first look videos” on Youtube now, and I had to say… so many vloggers are looking for an excuse to post videos that it’s getting hard to find something of quality anymore!

There were eight, yes, eight videos of “first look” at the new FFBE Event, Egg Hunters.

These were not walkthroughs or analyses of substance, not by a longshot. They were just–and you’ve gotta wait for it now–they were just “a vlogger is checking out the event for the first time, and muttering things to himself!”

Nothing for me to learn, nothing for me to DO except watch someone playing the game, which wastes time that I myself could be playing the game!

This is the most alarming action of vanity I have ever seen online.

At the risk of turning into Mrs. Soapbox, which everyone knows who is she, I find it disgusting that people are so hard up for ratings and clicks that they would make videos that are in essence a waste of everyone;s time. They waste the time for the vlogger, who must edit. Also the viewer, who cannot get his 30 minutes back.

That’s almost worse than having people make video updates with news that are available on the very NEWS PAGE OF THE FRICKIN APP!

Are you even for real, guys? You will make an entire video with news that everyone has access too, and that you have no extra knowledge of, and for what?

There’s a difference between that and the videos that say If you didn’t see the new video from Voltage or Squenix or whoever, you should check it out, but if not, here goes.

Why do I need to waste my life and my game time just to hear someone stumbling through their own rushed reading of the same news update that I coulda read at the second it was posted?

Just as you don’t need to waste YOUR LIFE in seeing why I AM ANNOYED, I dont need to waste MY LIFE in being annoyed about it.

I am, though, but that’s my problem not yours.

Thanks for reading, reader, and thanks for letting me post this rant, Editor. (That is a joke, because she is the only admin who can post stuff.)

For my friends and followers, sorry I’ve been away, but I’m back from Tokyo now! Got everyone souvenierssss  :-) More otome news and reviews very soon!

Luuuuuurv to ma gurrrlzzz,



Just in case you want to see a video that does not do this, a video that gives you some usable useful information, here is one by my colleague, Gwaelin.