Hey, Egg Seekers! Balaur is yr new BFF. FFBE 

Snow beast plain runs net me an average of 3500 metal eggs. 

BUT. That number is greatly skyrocketed when I encounter parties of BALAUR. As in 4900-6000 eggs (average)!

How does this help you?

Not a lot, since you can’t escape from non-Balaur fights and get your NRG back just because he’s not in that battle. 

BUT, you CAN apply some of the following findings (inspired by our blue friend and tested by Yours Truly) to YOUR fave parts of the world map, i.e.:

* You get the most eggs from battles where you’ve claimed the biggest bonuses, i.e. Those received for Chaining, huge amounts of damage, and battles with no-KO. 

I came to that conclusion because running some of the easier and quicker fights in the last three continents DID net just as many eggs per run. As in loads more than wiki had listed.  For me, anyway. Yes, I have screenshots. (Forthcoming after this next farming frenzy, of course…)

My BEST advice? Don’t one-shot easier bosses; assemble a team and figure out how you can get him knocked down to 90 percent or whatever, then let loose another all-out-offensive, doing hundreds of thousands of damage even to small potatoes. The damage bonus alone will drive your egg count up… Unless I’ve been “lucky” in 80 out of 100 battles, which I don’t believe in luck, obviously, because I work for a statistical genius who lectures me and anyone who will listen at any and every opportunity. 

Speaking of stats, I did test this on her F2P account and it seemed to stick. Her measly team could barely get through Lanzelt, and didn’t even hit overkill status. 

When I took my team into the same levels, our egg count was freakishly higher. 


I think not. 

(I wonder if they gave eggs to Gilgamesh for us to steal from him? I’d try, but, well, you know… 40 NRG and all that jazz.)