Well, GIL, for one.

But after THAT, here’s the stuff that will help you level up and make the most of your in-game journeying!

(Well, in a roundabout way, anyway…)

The Orchestrion of Doom, at which an unusually-leonine Xara is sorta-gazing.

First off, you need a FLAT. This costs 500k gil AND a promotion from your Grand Company. (You might even need to be Lv. 50…)

Actually, no, I’m sorry, you actually need an ORCHESTRION jukebox thingie FIRST.

Mine was around 450k (and worth every penny!).

Why do you NEEEEED one, though?

Simple: there’s a TON of paperwork and drudgery and trading and synthesising coming up, and we need to be entertained.

(Seriously. It’s almost worse than drawing magic in VIII. Very frustrating and grindy and busyworkish and, like, unnecessary-but-for-the-whole “lengthening the gaming experience” thing, sigh.)

I love this man. Even though he’s a succubus. Or maybe I feel this way BECAUSE he’s a succubus. (But wait, um… shouldn’t that be incubus? I’m pretty sure succubi are supposed to be chicks IRL.)

Then, you need a MATERIAL SUPPLIER, which can be had for a mere 5k gil in any of the housing peeps’ stores (under items).

If you have a FLAT (apartment which isn’t a mansion) or a COTTAGE, you can ONLY get TWO vendors (whose faces can’t be specified, though their races and biosexes CAN; the babe who’s about to go up in flames in the shot above is an AU RA, which–well, that’s a long story, so let’s save that for later!).

Summoning bell of *doom* to the RIGHT, and ready-to-harvest APPLE TREES to the LEFT. (YES!!)

Moving on, you also need a SUMMONING BELL. I got mine for like 145ish (grand) on the MARKET BOARD.

This means you need to have unlocked RETAINERS, which supports my conjecture about that “being over Lv 50” requirement.


WHAT are these retainers you’re obsessed with, chickadee? 


WELL, my dear friend, I’m so glad you asked!


They’re just these DUDES (well, in my case, anyway) who are basically invisible, but make themselves known in DIRE CIRCUMSTANCES.

They HELP you out, carry your junk for you, provide for you, and take care of all manner of other things that go on behind-the-scenes (stuff that MAKES your life POSSIBLE, btw–even if you don’t realise it at the time!

(Hmm. That’s kinda like the Holy Spirit, isn’t it…)


Finally, you need you some GARDENING STUFF (soil, pots/beds, fertiliser) and some SEEDS. “But, um, I’m a Lv 70 tank, I don’t wanna grow stuff unless, you know, it… makes you, like, happy, dig?”

I surely do, my peace-loving friend. And YOU’ll have to, as well. DIG, I mean.

For the, uh, crops you just grew in those, erm, pots and stuff. NOT POT, but those earthenware things that you grow STUFF in. You know? NOTHING SHADY. Ugh. Hmph. Whatever.


COZ, my friend, you need to farm some GIL. See??

This game’s economy, btw, is JUST like this world’s!

Popotoes (sic) were like 9k gil EACH last week, and it was all coz of that Moonfire Faire thing.  Now, you can get’em for a song! (La, la, la LAAAA!)

So the whole “supply and demand” and invisible hand stuff is at play here, but if you’re PLAYING the game and happen to HEAR about a particular type of specific NEED, then you can go with it, and follow your GREED.

(Oh, boy… Rhyme Time is upon us now, apparently. Pray that shall be over SOON… or else I’ll keep spouting words like a BUFFOON… and people in droves will turn into a LOOON! (All of them into ONE LOON–all for the sake of this song with NO TUNE!)


Moving on…

Actually, that’s everything.

The point here is that, as many have told me, “Crafting is the ONLY way to make money, come end-game.” And now that I’m into Stormblood (YES!), I see how true it is.

And you will, TOO, on the NEXT ISSUE of YO Magazine.