On Using Items and Huddling Under Bridges (or in Trees — FFXIV)

As I get deeper and deeper into the magnificent mess called “Stormblood,” I notice (with ever-increasing frequency) the manners in which NOTATIONS change, and uses…become less-useful (coz you don’t know HOW to use them).

For example, sometimes a quest will have an ORANGE CIRCLE to denote where your target is, but other times it’ll have that wingy thing. (This is “target to whom you must speak,” btw. Not like “kill three yaks” or “aid Furious Farmer (again).”)

The thing that inspired me to write is that, instead of right click >>> USE (under key items, and during certain quests), for instance, there was NO indication of how to use it, and I “happened to” drag the item out (as though discarding) and it worked!

Another time–a projectile was involved, but I can’t recall the quest name or number–one had to make use of GROUND TARGETING MODE, which I’d not yet encountered (at that point in the game).

The point is, sometimes you’ll be executing the SAME type of plan… but with a different set of rules (or even just “how-tos”).

Sometimes, the guy purported to be on a mountain-top is actually huddling under a bridge like a baby TROLL, instead. (I guess life’s like that, as well, eh?)