Despite the fact that you never wear cosmetics, you work for a company that makes them.

Cosmetics, that is.

Alas, you’re pretty mousy, but the guys in your new department apparently don’t care, which is great, coz if they DID (care how mousy you are), we’d never have gotten to play… OFFICE LOVERS: Forbidden Romance (by D3 Publisher). 

So all’s well that ends well, eh?


Your beloved love’s name: SAIJO SATOYOSHI

Who is? Your ex-boss, now your partner on a Big Project For Work.

At a glance? According to the DESCRIPTION, he’s:

But in reality, he’s: Basically a not-homicidal yandere, almost-prince-type.

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You used to work with Saijo back in the day, you got moved for some reason, you always go on about how happy you were in his department (he does too, tho, so it’s ok).

For some reason (again), you’re now put on a team with five hotties at work, and that’s when good ole Saijo makes it known that he’s always regretted “losing you,” which you take to mean in an “as an underling” sense.


The boi is quick to disabuse you of that notion, mostly by pulling all sorts of shenanigans. (Including a speech of yandere proportions, delivered at the project launch dinner party.)

Then some weird stuff happens, and blah blah blah. (You don’t actually care about the details, right? If enough people request it, we might post a SPOILED ROTTEN version/analysis of this title. Actually, we’re def posting it, so stay tuned!)


yandere, possessive, jealous, scheming, boss, co-worker, manager, workplace, hacker, charming, luminous, princely



Haruu: I’m obsessed with otomes, by the by. And I looooove headcanoning, so watch out!

Tam Tam: I was dragging into this, and regularly vacillate between total adoration and hatred.



Haruu: Obvs not the most orig thing ever, but I like the spin they put on it and other than the occasional bits of graphic/explicit descrips I could do without, I really like this one.

Tam Tam: Lots of tropery going on here, ladies. And gropery too, if we’re being blunt. I’d say he was “pretty yandere” on the scale.



Haruu: I loved the music, feels throughout. the main theme is sophisticated and sexy, the “hey, we walkin’ down the streeet” every-day theme is breezy and circus enough to make me feel breezy for the rest of the day!

Tam Tam: And circus, too?? Hahhaah. Japanese music authors know what’s what, and the guys  behind this game are no exception!


ART (Characters):

Haruu: Using the Emote LITE technology engine thingy, D3 have provided us with leading men who can blink.

Tam Tam: AND whose hair is constantly being caressed by the spirits of the wind.

Haruu: Yes, Tam, good point. The guys don’t look greasy or pedophilic (as in the Pub Encounters one, where they looked increasingly nasty with every chapter). That being said, I almost never look up at the guy, I’m focused on reading the text and slamming the life out of my screen (to advance the game)!!


ART (Collectible CGs):

Haruu: Nothing special, but half of them are frame-worthy (to me), and the artist DID make Saijo look the same from CG to CG, but also with respect to his sprite, so go you!

Tam Tam: What she said.



Haruu: I always love yandere, especially when no homicides are involved! I don’t mind jealous or possessive guys, either, and I don’t fault Saijo for the wuss-out that happened briefly (sorry, spoilers, so I won’t say anything else here).

Tam Tam: What she said, EXACTLY. This is one of my fave routes in this series, and in all of the games put out by D3.



Haruu: Rather feisty, good at her work, NOT (totally) spineless. Actually, she’s one of the few that I don’t DETEST……….! (Hey Voltage, I’m lookin’ at you!)

Tam Tam: Same. The story’s pretty straightforward, and even though she makes a few moves that I wasn’t happy with (saying “oh, nothing” and dismissing it as her imagination, when of course it turned out to not be her imagination) but we’re all different, so differences will happen!



We both love this route (although I–Haruu–can’t imagine a Japanese guy pulling off long, ash-blonde tresses without looking like a host club reject. And idealogically or logistically or whatnot–a guy with his personality would never spend a few hours a week getting his hair did, so…yeah).

It’s a bit more graphic than I’d like–the guy is intent on making us his (YES!!!!!) but I feel queasy at the verbiage of choice, so…yeah.

So…if you want a “should I or shouldn’t I??” rating, I’d say….”Oh, YEAH!”

(About buying this route!! Stop being so pervacious and PERVasive, Tam!)

= = = = = = =

Editor’s Note: Apologies for the antics of young Tam Tam, he was just feeling frisky due to the fact that he’s a guest on today’s post.

As you were, then…