She’s Baaaack! Chic Ariana on FF Brave Exvius

Yep, we all knew it would happen, except that this four-star-base (six-star awakenable) seems more like a physical attacker than a magician. (Though her weapon is a Microphone Stand which…ups your MAG stat. Hmm…)

This time isn’t as fun, however, because players have to navigate a small dungeon of sorts in order to reach the Bard Spirit, who is nowhere near as fun as the Resentful Noise Spirit, who was hilarious.IMG_9992

And this time, we are not collecting nail polishes and hair sprays in order to craft dear Arianas clothing, instead we get the aforementioned Mic Stand as well as her Comfy Dancewear and a magical scrunchy to round things out nicely. The drop items are magical jewels whose only use seems to be Ariana’s awakening.

IMG_9993To be frank, this event seems tacked on to the end of the Season of Ariana. It doesn’t fit with the first two, who were linked together in the form of the unit we got once, and perhaps even twice for some of us.

So, unless the team give us a third Ariana in the next several months, my judgment would have to be that this third time was definitely not a charm…again, in this case.

I am, though, jazzed AF that the beautiful song “Touch It” it plays during the final boss battle of each dungeon stage.