This magazine isn’t (just) a magazine about games or the people who play them; it’s about WHAT those people can learn from those games.

This magazine isn’t (only) about what went on back in the day; it IS, though, about what we can do TODAY to prepare for TOMORROW.

This magazine isn’t even a magazine, really; rather, it’s a repository of information and ideas.




Fun and games. Games that addict. WHY they addict. Why some people do NOT get addicted. Why people play games in the first place. What people learn from games. Other sorts of “games” that people play. Psychological games. The whole communication “game.” The reasons why some people keep getting to an interpersonal “Game Over” beCAUSE of their communication game. (Or lack thereof…) How culture changes the game. How culture IS a game. How some people GET played, how some things might play OUT, and how other things get PLAYED out. How to breathe new life into old games, how to make last week’s (rapidly-cooling) “hottest game” into a bona fide CLASSIC that we can’t put down next week or next year fifty years from here (when we’re old(er) and grey(er)).

And, of course, how we can make learning more fun–and how we can stuff some educational, erm, stuff into our fun and games.


Longitudinal Reviews and Late-Breaking News

Conversations with educators and technology-makers

Think that’s a ton of stuff to, uh, think about? (Uh oh…)

You may be right–but this isn’t even a drop compared to the vast sea of online information that you’ll soon be able to, um, dive into. (Ugh, I’m on a roll. Well, at least I didn’t say “SURF’S UP!” about the whole web–Hey!

*We regret to inform you that our dear editor, the studious and scholarly Schoolmarm of Doom, hath been ousted from her chair and stripped of this very keyboard, due to the entire last paragraph.

We thank you most kindly for your interest in PLAYED Magazine; please excuse the mess as we abscond from the wretched and vexing Squarespace Fiasco page and transfer hundreds of articles from there and the other sites, as well.*