A Few “Trigger” Warnings (Monster Hunter: World)

This article began as “some stuff to keep in mind so you don’t fail quests due to environmental snags,” but it quickly became obvious to me that certain artistic and/or game-play elements might stick in some of y’all’s craws, so you get to read both “warnings” below.


Collecting/gathering some items (ie poisoncup, flashbug, paratoad) will release the poison or flashylight that you could rather use against enemies.


The scoutflies can be hard-to-follow if it’s broad daylight in the game, but it could also cause problems for those with sensitive eyes when tracking them in darker conditions (like caves, for example).

“TRIGGER WARNINGS” for Unsuspecting Players

If you have trypophobia, you should avoid this game. (Trust me. I have several patients with that condition and they would definitely not stand for this.)

If you have a problem with patterns, you should really avoid this game, especially the second main part.

If you have PTSD related to being chased or having to hide from something volatile and scary, you should pass on this one.

More Quality-of-Life in MHW

  • Press TRIANGLE to identify which items you’d like to auto-craft.
  • Use the WISHLIST to set what equipment you’d like to craft, in order to be notified once you’ve 1) unlocked it, and/or 2) attained the items needed to do so.
  • Hit OPTIONS to escape from tiresome cut-scenes (like the Handler-cooks-and-tries-to-inhale-your-dinner one)
  • To RESTOCK your items, hit TRIANGLE from the item box “manage items” bit.
  • Items from the SUPPLY BOX (which is the red one with an open lid, and NOT the one in the tent at camp) are to be shared amongst party members. What this means is that you could, in fact, be left high and dry IF one of your party members naughtily makes off with the entire kit and caboodle (ahem and hmph). Tragically, you don’t keep the ones that aren’t used in the mission.
  • You can specify a target to follow by setting a PUSHPIN on the map; after that, the scoutflies will hunt him or her down, and you hunt the scoutflies down (to find the target).

Monster Hunter: World “Quality-of-Life” Tips

First and foremost: Keep up with your Palico’s weapons and armour! They help you out, and if they’re outfitted in trash, their level of helpingness might also be trash.

Speaking of kitty cats, if you collect GUILD CARDS from other players, their Palicoes may show up and help you fight every so often!

Speaking of which again, your Palico can ALSO get you Tailraiders and even monsters to fight alongside you or just pick up fancy herbs and minerals. (Win-win, if you ask me!)

Instead of trying to learn the camera/target setup in this game, you can hit OPTIONS button (PS4), SYSTEM > OPTIONS (the one in the in-game menu) > CAMERA. I, for example, learned how to move in such games via Dragon Quest VII: Journey of the Cursed King, as well as FFVII: Dirge of Cerberus, FFXII, yada yada, and since then, the only way I can move is if the camera and the reticle or whatnot is set so I can pull R3 and L3 inwards and have the character run in circles, aka “all-inverted.” I simply can’t get used to it any other way. Believe me, I’ve tried. Some games don’t let you change these settings, but this game does. So yay for that!

The TRAINING CENTER is your friend! Try out new weapons, get (a semblance of) guidance in said weapons, and try them out in a safe space (without worrying about depleting bullets and the like).

Assembling a SQUAD can save time if you’re always playing with the same buddy or three.

Voice chat IS available in-game, and that includes when you fire off an SOS FLARE, so keep that in mind (just in case you were belting showtunes or something…).

Speaking of which, if you’re stuck on a particular story-line quest, you CAN set it up to where a chum or crony can JOIN your quest after you hit the required cut-scene. (This is NOT the same as sending an SOS Flare, since sending that will cause your invitation to be available to “anyone online who fits the bill”). That said, the enemies are usually about twice as difficult with two instead of one, and I haven’t done any scientific testing with three or four party-members, but stay tuned for that!)

If you’re with an actual chum in this game, you may wish to forgo the in-game VOICE CHAT and instead use DISCORD on a computer or gadget. Even better, you can form a party via PS4, then plug a USB headphone/mic combo into one USB jack in the PS4, then get into a voice chat that way. In my tests, at least, the PS4 party chat sounded much clearer. (Then again, that particular chat didn’t have 15 other people in it…)

Phew, reviewing and/or play-testing is hard work, isn’t it! But I shall remain dedicated to my cause! (aka “more fun tips in two shakes!”)

More Monster Hunter: World Tips

Yes, these shall all be arranged into one cohesive document…when I can stop my obsession with MHW. For now, we doing this Live-Tweet style, so here we go!

  • Unlike FFXIV, the gathering (and “carving” after a kill) is NOT some cutesy thing, or optional in any wise; rather, it’s the only way to actually make any progress in the game.


  • Picking up footprints is, likewise, the only real way to find the target sometimes. (Though in some cases, you can just find out which map zone to hit (from a friend or walkthrough) and that’s enough.)


  • Carving MUST be done right after a kill or else the carcass dissipates (into the aether-current, maybe? Or maybe I am just feeling the PAIN of FFXIV maintenance?!?).


  • Some enemies DO re-spawn (which I found out the hard way when I decided to go hunting for brownies in the kitchen for a sec…).


  • Some enemies (especially Large Monsters) will “leave the area” if you take too long to find or attack or WHOOP them.

Monster Hunter: World — Biodiversity Check

Ok, I’m appropriating that word in the title, but once you start reading, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Very basically, MHW hath very kindly allowed us various skin colours and eye shapes but… well, those aren’t the only differences in appearance, you know?

For example, why are all the hair-types straight and smooth? Lots of people with lots of the skin colours included in this game would likely NOT have “Asian-looking hair” (to quote one of my chums). No curly hair, no coarse hair, no frizzy hair… what does that say about ideals?

Not that this or any other game is obligated to represent every possible “type” (of whateverness) out there.

Speaking of which, there’s only one body-type/shape and height, eh?

And all of the females have to wear either bikinis or hot shorts that allow their thighs to spill out of half the armour types currently available (with nary a nod to the more modest players out there)?

Someone else might say, “Um, what are you on about, this game is marketed to MALES, why WOULD they have a modest option??”

But *I* would then parry with “Um, whether that’s true or not, what about males who do NOT want to see such things?” but also “where does it say that male players were necessarily going to choose to play as a female character? This ain’t Final Fantasy XIV, after all…”

Why do I bring this up, then? This whole “it ain’t as biodiverse as you might think, btw” thing, I mean.

Well, because lots of people–in the US, especially–think that “diversity” is all about skin colour, first and foremost. And eye shape is a distant second.

But the thing is, we’re all different for different reasons, and NOT just for the reasons that “everyone” (in a given place, anyway) thinks make up diversity.

Does Capcom have the obligation to change things up a bit? Not at all.

But would it behoove “lots of people today” to realise that there ARE other differences out there that ARE on the minds of lots of people today *lots* of the time?

Survey says: “Darn tootin'”




Monster Hunter World–Five Tips for (Fellow) Noobs!

Ok, so *everyone* is technically a noob when a new game drops, but I mean people who are new to the series. (Though every new title in a series is bound to have some changes or new elements to it, right? Right! (Well, “lots of the time,” anyway.)

*Anyway* here are some of the things that I’ve learned “hands-on” during my first 48 hours of play-time:

  • Difficulty level IS adjusted for the size of your team, so don’t worry about failing if your best buds are out sick or out on the town or whatever.


  • If you’re on a hunt and the quarry has taken considerable damage… and then YOU succumb to some (considerable damage, that is), all is not lost! Upon waking up from your faintingness (if you have any “lives” left), you can find the monster and finish what you started! (Before you got knocked out! I don’t care how wuss it sounds, I’ll take every last bit of help I can find. Well, until next week, anyway, when I’m no longer an official “noob,” anyway.) Oh, and grabbing some more grub (if you’re “able to eat again”) is NEVER a bad thing.


  • The story MIGHT seem straightforward and somewhat hard-to-get-obsessed-with for the first ten or 15 quests, but once you hit The First BIG Checkpoint (no spoilers here!), even elitists will fall head-over-heels for this game.


  • Don’t wait to upgrade armour or weapons! Every little bit of help is, erm, helpful. Seriously.


  • Speaking of “don’t wait,” do NOT put off sharpening your weapon (if yours is one of those which displays a Sharpness-meter). Get into the habit of sharpening (via WHETSTONE, of which you have zillions, aka “infinity”) during any downtime you can find. Trust me, stopping right before you’re all set to deliver the finishing blow is…frustrating, to say the least.


And here’s one bonus tip for anyone who laments the lack of dedicated healers in this game (though there *are* some healing bullets, but that’s another story):

The Magical Metal Bagpipe IS magical! It’s the best weapon ever! (This is an objective fact, muahaha. I mean, buffs AND mad attack? What’s not to like??)


More tips coming up soon, so stay tuned!