Is “Gacha Porn” a Thing, Now??

It would seem so–on YouTube, anyway.

One of my cronies chimed in with “ah, I guess that’s the new way to pull in suckers.”

My head whipped around and I struggled to contain my baleful glare.

“Um, just because people have the desire to spend real world money buying virtual game money, and spend it on an unreliable game of chance for an INTANGIBLE ‘good’ does NOT make a person into a sucker, so step off!”

My evil stare met with an amused one and chortles assaulted my ears.

“Nah, I was talking about the people who WATCH those ‘pulls.’ Easy way to get people; element of chance is a bigger draw than vicarious pleasure of gambling while broke, so you step off, eh?”

My reddening face turned away in a theatrical (but quite false) show of affronted disgust, I silently agreed with my chum–but only because I’ve already spent next month’s rent on trying to get Olive.

And because I know I will be powerless when the Pulls videos start popping up online. If they already haven’t.

So just in case you’re just as obsessed with the FFBE Summon Gacha, then perhaps you’d be interested in checking out my 77 pulls under the Olive banner, and my free one, as well. And my F2P free 11, too…

Stay tuned for some GP, then, k?


Fruit Farm of The Spirit

As a part-time professor and full-time fun-haver, I’m especially fond of games that teach stuff.

And especially, games that teach stuff that ROCKS.

And PARTICULARLY, rockin’ teaching games that are AWESOME. And/or that deal with someONE Who IS awesome. (Or Awesome, really. Which He TOTALLY Is!)
Which might explain why I was so delighted when a dear friend told me all about this fabulous new game from Fruit Farm, LLC.
Or games, actually, coz we got ourselves a smorgasbord in the house, friends.


Hmm. Well, if variety is the spice of life, then you’re going to LOVE Fruit Farm, coz it’s like a buffet of fruit and goodness and truth.

AND those maddening “addictive games”… All rolled into ONE, y’all.

One app, that is.

In fact, hold on:

I mean, look at that. That’s like, nine games… for the price of one.

And did I even mention the price?

Oh, I didn’t.

Coz there isn’t one.

And so–lest one forget that old adage and/or Janet Jackson song about The Best Things in Life are FREE–I’m delighted to report that Fruit Farm is not only EVIDENCE of that (well, the adage, anyway; I’m entirely too sleepy to look up Janet’s lyrics at the moment), BUT also filled with the original Message that inspired the aforementioned adage thing.

That is to say, the subject matter is the Best Gift EVER– the only one which can’t be bought, and the only one with any true value.

Stay tuned for individual reviews of all of my favourite games; see you back here next time, same bat-time, same bat-channel.