NEWS FLASH: Bonus-Unit Bonuses for Egg Seekers?? FFBE

We MIGHT be premature in reporting this, but I can’t wait to say this, because I don’t want you to use your precious NRG without having the option of, like, factoring this in!

BASICALLY, There is a CHANCE that having a team of ALL-XONS or all Banner Units nets you MORE EGGS.

NOT because more stealers = more stealing, because once you’ve stripped the beasties’ wallets bare, it’s over.

We’re going to test our theory right this second, and shall post updates as we get some new… news.

Hope you’re all enjoying the event!


  1. The Earth Shrine does NOT drop m/any eggs. (I’ve gotten zero in 3 runs and I’m not wasting more NRG checking.
  2. I am NOT buying the expensive recipes (Second Knife, Black Bandana, etc.) until I’m ready to MAKE THEM, because they cost RAINBOW EGGS, which are less-plentiful as of now (2pm EST).
  3. Snow Beast Plains in Mysidia seems to be top dog in ACTUAL drop rates (3900+ in our 53 testing runs), costing just 6 NRG.
  4. NOTE: GAMEPEDIA’s Egg Seekers page has some listings that seem to have “more eggs per NRG,” but if you factor in real-world time, you might take 5-10 minutes IRL to clear a dungeon (stealing takes time, and even ten seconds here and there will add up) whereas a 3-battle run (ie snow beast) is literally 6NRG, and 60 seconds for 3900 eggs. I’m not getting any credit or kickbacks for forcing you to follow this advice, and only YOU know what your schedule is like, but why waste time, you know? Our lives are sooooo short, in the grand scheme of things.)
  5. Confused by the “how to play this thing??!” question? CLICK HERE for a short, to-the-point INSTRUCTION SHEET.
  6. Just in case you got lost looking for “CRAFTING,” it’s actually CRAFT ACCESSORY. One of the YouTubers had said (last week) that these crafted eggs were ITEMS, but RADIANT and MAGIC EGGS are actually ACCESSORIES.

What IS a “First Look” Video, Even? (GUEST EDITORIAL)

By Haruu S.

Let’s get one thing straight: I. LOVE. GAMES.

Otome PARTY game is my favorite type, even if lots of people think it’s less game and more social event. You needed to know that, though.

I also LOVE Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, Record Keepers, and a few other non-console, open-ended games of taht series, unlike the RPG Editor and the Chief Editor of this publication.

The others were just watching some “first look videos” on Youtube now, and I had to say… so many vloggers are looking for an excuse to post videos that it’s getting hard to find something of quality anymore!

There were eight, yes, eight videos of “first look” at the new FFBE Event, Egg Hunters.

These were not walkthroughs or analyses of substance, not by a longshot. They were just–and you’ve gotta wait for it now–they were just “a vlogger is checking out the event for the first time, and muttering things to himself!”

Nothing for me to learn, nothing for me to DO except watch someone playing the game, which wastes time that I myself could be playing the game!

This is the most alarming action of vanity I have ever seen online.

At the risk of turning into Mrs. Soapbox, which everyone knows who is she, I find it disgusting that people are so hard up for ratings and clicks that they would make videos that are in essence a waste of everyone;s time. They waste the time for the vlogger, who must edit. Also the viewer, who cannot get his 30 minutes back.

That’s almost worse than having people make video updates with news that are available on the very NEWS PAGE OF THE FRICKIN APP!

Are you even for real, guys? You will make an entire video with news that everyone has access too, and that you have no extra knowledge of, and for what?

There’s a difference between that and the videos that say If you didn’t see the new video from Voltage or Squenix or whoever, you should check it out, but if not, here goes.

Why do I need to waste my life and my game time just to hear someone stumbling through their own rushed reading of the same news update that I coulda read at the second it was posted?

Just as you don’t need to waste YOUR LIFE in seeing why I AM ANNOYED, I dont need to waste MY LIFE in being annoyed about it.

I am, though, but that’s my problem not yours.

Thanks for reading, reader, and thanks for letting me post this rant, Editor. (That is a joke, because she is the only admin who can post stuff.)

For my friends and followers, sorry I’ve been away, but I’m back from Tokyo now! Got everyone souvenierssss  :-) More otome news and reviews very soon!

Luuuuuurv to ma gurrrlzzz,



Just in case you want to see a video that does not do this, a video that gives you some usable useful information, here is one by my colleague, Gwaelin.



Easter Eggs @ FFBE: INSTRUCTIONS and PRO-TIPS, v.1 

Yummy? YES!!!


  1. Go to the EGG SEEKERS on the FRONT PAGE of FFBE.
  2. Tap on the thing that looks like BEGINNERS LEVEL; it costs 0 NRG btw.
  3. Choose your party, and hit DEPART. (No need to choose companion now.)
  4. Witness some DRAMA with Lasswell’s Type A Personality.
  5. After cutscenes, talk to people. You can’t buy anything just yet, though, so don’t freak out.
  6. After leaving, you can go fight battles. Snow Plain Beast in Mysidia is great.
  7. Once you’ve stacked up tons of metal eggs on the World Map, go to SUMMON.
  8. You can pull for units, what we want NOW is the Egg Seekers EGG SUMMON.
  9. Just like Ifrit Raid, you pull a different gacha machine altogether, which is what happened in #8.
  11. You can get Gil Snappers, Enhancers like Limit Burst Pots, Gigantuars, and KING GIGANTUARS, which look like cauliflower!
  12. You also get RED EGGS, BLUE EGGS, RAINBOW EGGS, and megacites, as well.
  13. Once you have like 50 – 200ish (each) of the various eggs, but AT LEAST 10 of the RAINBOW EGGS, head back to TOWN.
  14. Get to town by following #1 above, by the by.
  15. NOW you can buy the innkeeper’s recipes.
  16. Don’t waste Rainbows on the Recipes from XON just yet, because, and listen well, friends:
  17. YOU ONLY HAVE ONE CRYSTAL EGG OF MIND, and one of the other one. As of this moment, you can ONLY have those two, so DO NOT RUSH INTO CRAFTING STUFF! For SERIOUS, yo, remember how the Enix video said that there’s WEEK TWO UPDATES? Well, something BETTER might come along! And you don’t REALLY need the Black Bandana to farm this event, so be prudent while shopping!
  18. To CRAFT stuff, go to CRAFT > > > ACCESSORY. (For the first wave of crafting.)

That’s it, happy farming to one and all!

Magical Ariana (FFBE)

SOOOOOO MANY PEOPLE are hating on the Dangerous Ariana character, but guess what?

Other than the fact that she’s a FREE 6* Unit, there are lots of things you may not know about how POWERFUL she is!

[Editor’s Note: She WAS free to all players WHO CLEARED the first (or perhaps second) level in the ORIGINAL Dangerous Woman Event.

We do NOT know if she will be available again in this second leg of her Dangerous Tour!

Just in case you began playing since then and thought someone was ripping you off! Ok, back to your regularly-scheduled programming, then!]

IF you’re a FREE-To-Play (F2P) Player, you MAY have the problem of “I don’t have a good black mage!”

For example, The (Otherwise-)Fearsome Editor’s account (F2P) has not gotten ANY Exdeaths (too many Shantottos, though), though she did get an Arc.

Arc’s MAG (magic stat) can’t get very high, even with every TMR under the sun. His only HUGE advantage is NATIVE DUALCAST, but I am not even sure it would be as strong as a higher MAG casting just ONCE. (Scientific testing to follow, I’m sure.)

My trio of Exdeaths are all between 550 and 640ish in MAG (when dolled up and kitted out, and depending on Esper).

Exdeath rules, because he has both Native Dualcast (Black Magic only, though) AND Native METEOR, which is one of the three strongest magic attacks as of now (April 2017).

But look at Ariana’s stats with most of the same set-up (except where she has some Ariana-specific wardrobe going on).


Actually, we should look at her with the identical set-up.

(Not now, though.)

NOT that it matters, because Dualcast and all, but if you need a chainer, perhaps you should say HELLO to Dangerous Ariana.


(Just in case you’re wondering, Arc, Hope, and CoD can also equip Meteor, Ultima, and any other Level 8 Black Magic we get.)



Dreaming of Metal Gigantuars. FFBE by SB

I was writing to my dear brother XYRON quite recently (ok, it was five minutes ago), and relating a dream I’d had (even-more-recently), to do with METAL GIGANTUARS.

Perhaps you’d like to hear it, too?

(Look, you really don’t have a choice at this point, so you may as well get comfy.)

There I was (in the dream), and I’d (for some reason) taken over a COMMUNITY of METAL GIGANTUARS.

Which was AWESOME, coz, like, that means I can level everyone up, right?

BUT that’s not ALL that I felt; I remember feeling MEGA-depressed that I’d be ENDING them, basically, in order to level up units).

But the leader was like:

Don’t worry, chickadee. Our greatest goal in life IS to strengthen y’all Playable Characters, so fear not.

And then he HUGGED me.

And then he disappeared

Even though I felt stronger, to be sure, his disappearance bothered me greatly… and I began to weep. (In the DREAM.)

BUT THEN, I heard his faint whisper of, “En GARDE, Uncle Crybaby! There are MONSTERS to slay! Starting with That. One. THERE!”

And I swung into action, slashing DOWN with my scimitar, saving a less-robust party-member from the wiles of a wicked Mountain Lion of DOOM.

(For the record, my *slaying* of that satanic hellcat (literally, hah) was blood-free and violence-free, really; it just kind of like… dissipated (as smoke) at my blade’s descent.)

So even though I missed Mega-Metal Mister–coz I couldn’t see him anymore and coz he wasn’t “with me” anymore (and because as a human, I imagined that “disappear” = bye and Bye = DIE)–I was grateful for his help, and even MORE-grateful that he was still accessible to me (albeit in a different manner, though, as it happens, being able to hear his voice in my brain would be totally more fun (and more convenient!) than having him speak from the chair next to me.

(And looking at someone in a chair directly next to you = crick in one’s neck that shan’t heal for, like, two weeks. In my experience, anyway. Hmph.

But, as my ancestors communicated in their cave painting thingies, looking in the same direction is more-indicative of closeness (or more-conducive to it, anyway), coz then we all looking at the same goal.

Upon reading my very brief dream just now, I realised that it was an allegory or metaphor for The Holy Spirit:

We can’t see JC (and at our ages, we could NOT have seen Him when He walked this earth (unless our last names are Cullen, of course, muahaha), but His Holy Spirit indwells us.

(Those of us who have welcomed Him in, btw, not just everyone and his cousin, so go talk to Him after you’ve listened to moi.)

And though some today feel as though He ignores His creations (us), some OTHERS (moi included) feel that He functions as a “teleprompter” and a “circuit judge in the brain” (praise and thanks to Him, and YAY for YAHWEH, while we’re at it! :):):) ), to quote one of my FAVE groups ever (while we’re sharing musical suggestions!).

Which would be NEWSBOYS (whose lead singer will ONLY ever be Peter Furler, even though I love Tait, who should ONLY sing with K-MAX and Toby, who should NOT be solo artists (coz Toby hasn’t sung solo on even one track in like 58 years, and K-Max HAS (on like 58 tracks, or even 58 solo records, even) though he really should NOT.

(I love him anyway, but while a WALL of sparkly glitter might be PRETTY, it’s more elegant (and has a more-powerful impact) if used as an accent.

Accent doesn’t mean “not-lots-of,” but just “judiciously-used.”

And the sinuous, undulating voice of K-MAX hits harder when it’s not used to the MAX, where MAX = MAXXED OUT.

(And now I’ve fallen into Philosophical DJ Mode.)

Ok, maybe I’ve also maxxed out my Allotment of Metaphors for a Single Hour, but whatever.)

Right, then… Here’s hoping we ALL get TONS of Metal Cactuars (GIGANTUARS, especially!) in the VERY near future! :D