Dreaming of Metal Gigantuars. FFBE by SB

I was writing to my dear brother XYRON quite recently (ok, it was five minutes ago), and relating a dream I’d had (even-more-recently), to do with METAL GIGANTUARS.

Perhaps you’d like to hear it, too?

(Look, you really don’t have a choice at this point, so you may as well get comfy.)

There I was (in the dream), and I’d (for some reason) taken over a COMMUNITY of METAL GIGANTUARS.

Which was AWESOME, coz, like, that means I can level everyone up, right?

BUT that’s not ALL that I felt; I remember feeling MEGA-depressed that I’d be ENDING them, basically, in order to level up units).

But the leader was like:

Don’t worry, chickadee. Our greatest goal in life IS to strengthen y’all Playable Characters, so fear not.

And then he HUGGED me.

And then he disappeared

Even though I felt stronger, to be sure, his disappearance bothered me greatly… and I began to weep. (In the DREAM.)

BUT THEN, I heard his faint whisper of, “En GARDE, Uncle Crybaby! There are MONSTERS to slay! Starting with That. One. THERE!”

And I swung into action, slashing DOWN with my scimitar, saving a less-robust party-member from the wiles of a wicked Mountain Lion of DOOM.

(For the record, my *slaying* of that satanic hellcat (literally, hah) was blood-free and violence-free, really; it just kind of like… dissipated (as smoke) at my blade’s descent.)

So even though I missed Mega-Metal Mister–coz I couldn’t see him anymore and coz he wasn’t “with me” anymore (and because as a human, I imagined that “disappear” = bye and Bye = DIE)–I was grateful for his help, and even MORE-grateful that he was still accessible to me (albeit in a different manner, though, as it happens, being able to hear his voice in my brain would be totally more fun (and more convenient!) than having him speak from the chair next to me.

(And looking at someone in a chair directly next to you = crick in one’s neck that shan’t heal for, like, two weeks. In my experience, anyway. Hmph.

But, as my ancestors communicated in their cave painting thingies, looking in the same direction is more-indicative of closeness (or more-conducive to it, anyway), coz then we all looking at the same goal.

Upon reading my very brief dream just now, I realised that it was an allegory or metaphor for The Holy Spirit:

We can’t see JC (and at our ages, we could NOT have seen Him when He walked this earth (unless our last names are Cullen, of course, muahaha), but His Holy Spirit indwells us.

(Those of us who have welcomed Him in, btw, not just everyone and his cousin, so go talk to Him after you’ve listened to moi.)

And though some today feel as though He ignores His creations (us), some OTHERS (moi included) feel that He functions as a “teleprompter” and a “circuit judge in the brain” (praise and thanks to Him, and YAY for YAHWEH, while we’re at it! :):):) ), to quote one of my FAVE groups ever (while we’re sharing musical suggestions!).

Which would be NEWSBOYS (whose lead singer will ONLY ever be Peter Furler, even though I love Tait, who should ONLY sing with K-MAX and Toby, who should NOT be solo artists (coz Toby hasn’t sung solo on even one track in like 58 years, and K-Max HAS (on like 58 tracks, or even 58 solo records, even) though he really should NOT.

(I love him anyway, but while a WALL of sparkly glitter might be PRETTY, it’s more elegant (and has a more-powerful impact) if used as an accent.

Accent doesn’t mean “not-lots-of,” but just “judiciously-used.”

And the sinuous, undulating voice of K-MAX hits harder when it’s not used to the MAX, where MAX = MAXXED OUT.

(And now I’ve fallen into Philosophical DJ Mode.)

Ok, maybe I’ve also maxxed out my Allotment of Metaphors for a Single Hour, but whatever.)

Right, then… Here’s hoping we ALL get TONS of Metal Cactuars (GIGANTUARS, especially!) in the VERY near future! :D



Type-0 Banner, Part II: Honest Review FFBE 

Nine is fine. MORE than fine. 

Mine hits four times per attack (Twin Lance in the house), and with pot upgrades and 6 stars, his damage-dealing rivals a mediocre Lightning’s. 

He seems just as easy to get as the five-star units from Type-0’s second banner; I got seven of him, seven of Cinque (French for ‘five,’ btw), and either 6 or 8 of Eight. (Out of like 120-140 of the 10+1 pulls.)

I’d originally intended to go until I got Queen, but when I saw how much potential my beautiful Nine had… I forgot ab0ut that other one. 


This seems to be a much better event than people are giving it credit for. Then again, one of my sometimes-housemates was addicted to Voltage for a couple of years, so I’m no stranger to frequent (and frequently-expensive) events. 

Alas, I seem to have caught her addiction (only not to “maidens’ games,” but this MMOJRPG). 

Anyway, photos and screenshots soon. 

Oh, and stay tuned for our new YouTube channel!



Is “Gacha Porn” a Thing, Now??

It would seem so–on YouTube, anyway.

One of my cronies chimed in with “ah, I guess that’s the new way to pull in suckers.”

My head whipped around and I struggled to contain my baleful glare.

“Um, just because people have the desire to spend real world money buying virtual game money, and spend it on an unreliable game of chance for an INTANGIBLE ‘good’ does NOT make a person into a sucker, so step off!”

My evil stare met with an amused one and chortles assaulted my ears.

“Nah, I was talking about the people who WATCH those ‘pulls.’ Easy way to get people; element of chance is a bigger draw than vicarious pleasure of gambling while broke, so you step off, eh?”

My reddening face turned away in a theatrical (but quite false) show of affronted disgust, I silently agreed with my chum–but only because I’ve already spent next month’s rent on trying to get Olive.

And because I know I will be powerless when the Pulls videos start popping up online. If they already haven’t.

So just in case you’re just as obsessed with the FFBE Summon Gacha, then perhaps you’d be interested in checking out my 77 pulls under the Olive banner, and my free one, as well. And my F2P free 11, too…

Stay tuned for some GP, then, k?


Monarch’s Ring: Worth It? FFBE

In a word, NO.

Or, at least, not while I’m leveling Olive up.

Check it:

The Domination Ring isn’t a priority now, either.

What about you guys?


UPDATE: 3 March 2017

I actually DID break down and craft them both. And the decision shall haunt me for months. (Olive rocks at Level 100, tho. :D