Rejoice, Desynthesis-Enthusiasts! (More Surprises from Patch 4.2 of FFXIV)

As if the Recipe-Unlocking of Patch 4.2 weren’t enough to make a person swoon, check THIS out, friends: The DESYNTH cap went from 980 (according to this Gamer Escape postto 1070

In my memory, it was 970, and I’ve read sources claiming various things, but whatever. It doesn’t matter, does it? Of course not!


The IMPORTANT thing is what our cap is NOW, and that’s 1070!

Thanks, Square!




Helpful Hotbar Trick (FFXIV)

I’ve been setting and rearranging my toolbars manually, but just now, I discovered a setting to SHARE hotbars across classes!

So now, I’m working on separate ones for

JOB (aka quick fashion show!

TRANSPORT (incl. mounts, teleport, sprint, etc.)



and a whole lot more!

Screenshots once I’ve finished up!



ARR, Matey! What I HATE About FF14 (Vol. 1)


The level-syncing (come now, I’m level 63 and you think I’m gonna accept a sync down to 34 JUST to clear a dungeon? You’re DREAMING, Squeeen.)

The Speed-Running Mean Teams (TM) (Um, like… I get that you wanna hurry up and basically raid the dungeon, but if that’s the case, why would you sign up with the duty-finder, which is guaranTEEEED to have some noobs floating around? Coz you know that HIGH-level teams will likely HAVE their own teams, already, and NOOBS (even vets’ alt accounts) will NEED these dungeons to CLEAR their MAIN-STORY-QUESTS, so what’s your damage?)

Anti-Noob prejudice and discrimination (Ah, what a great topic. Let’s revisit it: Just coz I’m a noob does NOT mean I’m a brainless one. I’m pretty sure you were a noob at some point.)

The complicated nature of slaying stuff (give me ONE class/job that I can play as a button-masher when tired!)

Technological discrepancies of game-play (aka “some are PC, some are PS; some have controllers, others have keyboards. And some of us have been trying to juggle all three on random body parts, so there.” The problem is that some setups do NOT lend themselves to certain things, and certain controllers (like the USB one I use) have buttons that are NOT recognised by the game. (It’s like they’re literally dead–even during calibration. But that could be down to the manufacturer. But the point is, BECAUSE we’re on different gadgets, some people have an artificial handicap or boost…(meaning that some people get called a NOOB, even after they’re NOT. Yes, it all comes back to that one point!)