Type-0 Banner, Part II: Honest Review FFBE 

Nine is fine. MORE than fine. 

Mine hits four times per attack (Twin Lance in the house), and with pot upgrades and 6 stars, his damage-dealing rivals a mediocre Lightning’s. 

He seems just as easy to get as the five-star units from Type-0’s second banner; I got seven of him, seven of Cinque (French for ‘five,’ btw), and either 6 or 8 of Eight. (Out of like 120-140 of the 10+1 pulls.)

I’d originally intended to go until I got Queen, but when I saw how much potential my beautiful Nine had… I forgot ab0ut that other one. 


This seems to be a much better event than people are giving it credit for. Then again, one of my sometimes-housemates was addicted to Voltage for a couple of years, so I’m no stranger to frequent (and frequently-expensive) events. 

Alas, I seem to have caught her addiction (only not to “maidens’ games,” but this MMOJRPG). 

Anyway, photos and screenshots soon. 

Oh, and stay tuned for our new YouTube channel!



My Worst Nightmare (on FFBE, Anyway)

Yes. That would be five Elzas.

(How is that even possible? I got TWO out of over 150 pulls, so whatever. Actually, that’s not bad at all, when you consider that I pulled over FIVE HUNDRED TIMES to get Lightning… And still don’t have her. I REALLY want Noctis, but am very grateful for Gilgamesh, Olive, and, of course, Elza.