Specialist Recipes Unlocked??! FFXIV’s Gift to Crafting Addicts in Patch 4.2

Apparently, ALL crafters possessing Master Crafting Tome V (in a given field) can AUTOMATICALLY gain access to (previously-) “Specialist” recipes!!

aka You do NOT have to have a Soul of the Whatever crystal equipped to be able to make Ala Mhigan gear anymore!

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Despite this BRILLIANT news, it would still behoove one to set all three specialists, because the crystals do give each crafter +20 Control AND +20 Craftsmanship. Again, one character can only choose (up to) three Specialists.

(If you lost your Soul of the Crafter crystals (or simply wanna switch camps), you can get them from Rowena’s store in Rhalgar’s Reach for 480 Red Crafters’ Scrips.)

Xara’s Patch 4.2 Checklist of YAY (Live @ 5 Edition)

(AUTHOR’S NOTE: It will be 5 am EST when the game re-opens, hence the title.)

Call me a freak, but I could NOT allow Patch 4.2 to drop without making myself a handy-dandy little checklist of Stuff to Check Out (or “Up On”) at 5 am today!

While we’re waiting, why not CHECK out the

Things I’m MOST excited about in Patch 4.2

(Get it? Check? CHECK?? Sigh.)

  • 999 STACKS (hello, I be a crafter)
  • Rewards for Gaganaskin Treasure Maps and Gazelleskin Treasure Maps have been adjusted. (Um, what? Can people please elabourate upon this morsel of goodness so certain authors of this article don’t fall over??)
  • “Any fixtures applied to the exterior or interior of an estate will become bound, while the fixture being replaced will be moved to your inventory.” FANTASTIC! I’ve been distraught over my 700k Ice Chandeliers (that’s 700 EACH btw). Now I can have them in my inventory! YES!
  • Luminous Fiber went from requiring THREE glass fibers to just ONE glass fiber. AND guess what? Glass fibers are now available from Grand Companies for 7000 seals!
  • “Ehcatl” (now called “Quick-Hardening Sealant”) can now be bought from GC! (Along with the aforementioned Glass Fibers.)
  • Apart from the 999 item stacks (YESSSSS!!!!!) there’s ALSO now a removal of the “unique” status of certain items like Crag Heart, Barb of the Whorl, etc. (primal-related)
  • New stuff can be stowed away in the Armoire!
  • BEST OF ALL, tho… NEW GATHERING POINTS HAVE BEEN ADDED!! :) :) :) x 10000!!!
  • The Submarine thing seems pretty cool, too.
  • OH, and NEW CRAFTING RECIPES (including MASTER recipes! YES! I think this even calls for a WOO HOOOOO! Which has heretofore-NEVER dropped from my lips, btw.)


Lots of names changed, too.

For example, EHCATL SEALANT is now called “Quick-Hardening Sealant.” (And the price for that particular item went from eight to THREE Ixali Oaknots.

Some of the Master Crafter Tomes have decreased in price (argh) and so have many of the Rowena-related gear and other-such-goodies for Disciples of Land and Hand.

Lots of name-switching in the TOME-stones too, btw.

Speaking of which, “Airship Repair Materials” are now called “Magitek Repair Materials,” for some reason. (Maybe they can fix submarines too? Then again, Cid wouldn’t be too happy with that name-change, seeing how he’s the premiere Airship Dude, eh?)