3 Sneaky (Classroom) Strategies That Use CUSTOM DICE

Have you ever been the kid in the room that NO ONE wanted on their team?

No? Well, I haven’t, either. Because I’d usually find an excuse to skip class JUST after the second-to-last kid’s name had been called. (Insert Kefka Laugh here.)

Anyway, that feeling’s pretty beastly when you’re a child, but what if you’re in college? In the most hellish class in the history of the world?

Well… I never wanted my dear and beloved students to feel that way, so I came up with all sorts of trickery and sneakery to prevent such.

Because, you know (which you probably didn’t–know, I mean), I actually DO teach the most hellish class in the history of–well, the US, anyway.

The dreaded SPEECH CLASS!

I’ve also taught TONS of other communication classes–nonverbal, interpersonal, and intercultural, among others. But there’s a BIG DIFFERENCE between a senior Com major and a freshman with no major (yet).


Without further ado (lies), I hereby present


BTW (see, I knew this would happen), you can use BLANK DICE with stickers on them, you can use one of the many DICE APPS on the App Store and Play Store (ooh, I should review them for APPSESSIVE), or you can EVEN PRINT your own dice using a 3D PRINTER! (Zeus from AIO Robotics coming soon to a review near you!)

1) Each side of each die has the NAME of one STUDENT on it. Roll two dice to get one pair of students. Roll one to find out who’s next. Have the current student roll the next student (and avoid the blame of “why did you choose me to go next, you hellion??!”

2) Each side has a TOPIC on it. 3D Printing. Video games. Mosquitoes. Each student gets to roll their way into a speech or ice-breaker or whatever.

3) Each one has a CATEGORY. Film, book, blog. Super-power, food, animal. Whatever. Then the student talks about their favourite–or least-favourite–one.

For the record, you can also use cards to accomplish the same thing. At the same time, there’s just SOMETHING about using DICE, you know? (I could be the only one to feel that way, however. No matter…for it’s time to go DESIGN some DICE, friends!)

Till the next,


Story Cubes?!

Yes, STORY cubes. 

I first encountered them many years ago, amidst an epic hunt for companies to print custom dice for one of my games. 

Obviously, I–then an impoverished full-time grad student and “full-time” adjunct, or “person who teaches the maximum one class (or two, rarely) per semester, in each of four or five or six different colleges, for $1500ish each (aka Mrs. Poverty Line)–couldn’t afford to pay a relatively-gigantic set-up fee PLUS a 500-piece minimum per design. And I had a lot of those. As in, enough for 30 different dice.

So that epic hunt was actually an epic fail. Sorta. 

COZ… Someone introduced me to the wonderful world of story cubes! 

If memory serves (which it normally does not, but whatever), that first magical box of six-sided fun and games was the blue version of Rory’s Story Cubes. 

Since then I’ve collected, hmm… Let’s leave it at “quite a few story cubes from quite a few companies.”

So what IS a story cube, then, already??

As the name would imply, it’s simply a die or set of dice with words or images instead of numbers; those images, as they usually are (upping the cutesy factor and the novelty factor) usually depict a plot element or a theme or a character to include, or an action to be taken. 

Depending on what variation of The Dices Made Me Do It! you’ve chosen to play–and how many “dices” you’ve  chosen to use, there are literally hundreds, if not thousands, of possible ways to play the same exact set of images you’ve rolled. 
In fact, yours truly is at this very moment uploading dozens upon dozens of images to share with her beloved readers. 

Come on back in about two hours and you shall see a slideshow of a dice collection, the likes of which you’ve never seen! Muahaha. 


6:27 am, 13 July 16