My Sweet Roommates–What If? Stories 2 EVENT (MFWP)

(Originally printed on 23 May 2016)

Ahh, Voltage’s done it again…

(Done what, precisely, I know not, but never mind that now…)

The premise isn’t unlike that Sweet Cafe tale about living with Goto and Hiroshi and Takkun and all. And Clover Hill, for that matter. Anyway.

MC lives with the Kunian Guys, for some reason–well, half of them, anyway.

Readers get the idea that they’re being promised all sorts of jealousy and shenanigans, but the question is–will Voltage deliver them (and how much of each, if any?)?!

They surely didn’t hold back in that Tsumugu’s Temptation, which I bought on its English Language release date–and which I haven’t touched since (despite having gone on a spending rampage that very day, and reading TT first, if you get my meaning. If you’re interested in why, um, well, just WHY, then check out TURNED OFF BY TSUMUGU’S TEMPTATION.

And TABOO TEMPTATIONS TELL TALES OF TOILET TRAIPSINGS, of course. Lest we forget, of course.